On Neptune and Uranus — oceans of liquid diamond

On Neptune and Uranus — oceans of liquid diamond with diamond icebergs, scientists suggest

Neptune and Uranus may contain oceans of liquid diamond. On the surface float solid diamond icebergs. Such a hypothesis, "Interfax", put forward by British scientists.

The fact that Uranus and Neptune 10% composed of carbon — building material for diamond. To obtain a liquid diamond, you need to reach a very high temperature. (Melting point diamond, according to the site XuMuK.ru, is 3,500 C). To do this, researchers conducted an experiment.

"The peculiarity of the experiment lies in the fact that by simply increasing the temperature of the transition to the liquid state can not be achieved — explains the study's lead author, John Eggert. — It is necessary to create the highest pressure, which greatly complicates the measurement process. "

Increase the pressure necessary for the diamond in the heating process was not converted into graphite, wrote "Kompyulenta." In their experiments, the researchers used a small natural diamond weighing about one-tenth of a carat. The melting of the material held in the shock wave created by using nanosecond laser pulses. Liquid diamond was obtained at a pressure exceeding 40 million times atmospheric sea level.

In the course of gradual pressure reduction to 11 million atmospheres and temperatures up to 50,000 degrees Kelvin on the surface of the liquid appeared solid education, which, to the surprise of physicists, did not sink, but remained afloat. Pressure drops for some time at a constant temperature, and the surface flocked more solid pieces of diamond.

Post an experiment published in the scientific journal Nature Physics.

As Tom Duffy of Princeton University, has been studying the planets, the theory about the oceans of liquid diamonds on Neptune and Uranus is not new. However, in recent studies, this concept "looks more and more convincing," he added.

Most of the substances in the solid state is denser than the liquid, and therefore sink. Water is an exception — the ice does not sink, and kept on the surface. It appears, in this regard, diamond like water. In addition, it is diamond oceans shifting magnetic poles of planets far from their geographic poles. If, for example, the south magnetic pole was in the same proportion shifted the geographical, it was not off the coast of Antarctica, and in the center of Australia, reports ABC Science.

Liquid diamonds were obtained by the so-called Z-machine at Sandia Laboratories in the U.S. in 2006, according to the portal "Rosinvest."

Scientists at the time found that the sun will be turned into a diamond: in five billion years, it will become a "white dwarf" and another two billion years — a diamond.


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