Open letter to the Chairman of the Board Ivonka Survily to the Belarusian people

Chairman of the BNR Ivonka Survila about the holiday of Easter instead of congratulations sent an open letter to the people of Belarus.

Dear compatriots!

Easter holidays in This year, coincide with the anniversary of the great evils that had to go through to the Belarusian people in the late twentieth century. April 26 marks the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl crime. Therefore, I can not wish you happy holidays, dear compatriots! I just want to say today that the Belarusians and people of good will globally, who know that the Belarusian people are still living in the shadow of Chernobyl will be with you these days.

Unfortunately, today's government of the Republic of Belarus, not only do not care to its people, who suffered from terrible radionuclides, but also want to build on the Belarusian land of a new nuclear power plant did not praymayuchysya your health nor an interest your kids. They forbid you even walk in memory of Chernobyl Way those people — often your relatives who have already died from Chernobyl radiation.

Above you again hangs a black cloud of fear. Just a couple of months ago, during the events of December 19 last year, you were beaten, maimed, znyavolvali, threatened to make it easier to deal with the most courageous among you, those who are hoping to achieve for your normal free life. Now, under very mysterious circumstances, the explosion in the Minsk metro on April 11.
In the Belarusian land restored Stalinist terror.

One of our young heroine, whose courage was recognized in distant America, recently spoke about the hatred that is manifested in Belarus against the new generation of fighters against our active youth. I should add that according to the information that reaches us from Belarus, we can see that this hatred is manifested in respect of Belarus, against every word in defense of our people, our land, our heritage. Under the ban, even cry, "Long live Belarus!"

Conducted a ruthless genocide of our nation. Regime does not spare our land, it is our fate is indifferent and apathetic future of our children, just to keep his unlimited power.

Illegitimate "lord" has admitted that he is willing to fight for power by force, using the Belarusian army against the Belarusian people against you, dear compatriots.

What right does the person you have chosen to five years 17 years ago, today dispose of your destiny, your land, your future?

What right has he to judge Belarusian officials who were guilty only of his sacrifice, and his concern for the fate of the Belarusian people?

What right has he scares you, persecute honest people like criminals?

What right has he to imprison you, throw in a prison of your children, spend it and your life?

Who gave him the right??

I want to repeat here the words of Pope John Paul II to his Polish people during the difficult times of his stories: "Do not be afraid!"

You are stronger! Listen to those who are in prison have had time to reconsider events of the last 17 years of dictatorship. They believe in you. Believe it! For it is only in the unity of the people will be able to free themselves from bondage.

The time has come when we need to get over it, dear brothers and sisters Belarusians to perish!

Long live Belarus!

Ivonka Survila,
Chairman of the Belarusian People's Republic of


BNR Ivonka Survila

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