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November 5, 2011 18:31

Experts believe: our daily health and performance is directly related to the images in your dreams and tested at this time emotions. Let us forget our dreams, they remain in the subconscious effect on us, no less than those that are remembered. Hence the often unreasonably bad or good mood in the morning.

 Journey to the worlds of color on the state of our energy, and hence the likelihood of good or bad events in life can be learned by dreams, dreams-called regeneration. They are three kinds: "black", "white", "red". In ancient times believed that these are three of the world in which the soul enters during sleep.
This does not mean that in a dream, all things black, the other — all white or red. The name is rather relative: it is a predominant color of sleep — the color and emotional. Using appropriate symbols, the body signals the amount of life energy at the moment: we are full strength or they are on the wane.
"Visitation" of each of the "worlds" are in strict order: minimum energy ("Black World"), the accumulation of power and recovery ("white"), maximum power ("red"). The time of stay in each of them the same, it depends on the person's energy, his psychology, lifestyle and external circumstances.
Strong energy leakage say 'black' dreams. They are horrible and sad, with poor visibility, dark, sinister types and characters. This is a dream in which you offend, oppress and persecute.
The images are barely visible and cause bad feelings and inexplicable fear.
During the "black" Dreams do not undertake serious and difficult cases — the energy at this time is very low. If they dream about all the time, term loans themselves — possibly offensive serious illness, major trouble. No one's excluded negative impact occult influence, energy vampirism.
Convalescent typical "white" dreams — hazy, with pale colors and soft lighting. It is the world ambiguous blurry shapes of mirror reflections, soft neon light, or the moon — the poetic, fluid, full of oddities and ambiguities. One into the other, sounds vague and mysterious.
"White" dreams constantly see those whose energy is at a level slightly below average.
Such people are not necessarily sick, but it is difficult to fully realize. In the "white" dream man behaves passively, quietly. If you are in the "white world" — so your body is in the process of accumulation of forces. Such dreams are usually poorly stored and decrypt them on downers often useless. They rarely carry symbolic information and normally does not portend trouble, but also joy.
Strong Energy say "red" dreams — they who have happy. After all, if available energy, then there are health and good spirits. These people success in life is attracted like a magnet. And it is encouraging that such dreams can learn to see.
"Red" — so beautiful in the "red dream" that we are primarily interested in bright colors, the sounds distinct. He's like a reality by definition "images", but without a touch of the ordinary.
Man, as it includes the full force of all the senses, keenly sensing the surrounding beauty. Certainly he had these dreams are usually not so much contemplate how many acts, waking up refreshed and happy life.
Usually in a happy dream, a lot of sun and natural light — this afternoon, morning, evening with a beautiful sunset. But can dream and night with bright stars and a full moon. Sometimes the moon is reflected in the water, or a star falls into the hands. Small clouds also not darken your joy, like a gentle breeze or a warm summer rain.
In a happy dream often summer or spring. Flowering or fruit-covered trees, green foliage, flowers in meadows, fields of ripening crops, parks and alleys with even gushing fountains, rivers and streams with clear water — this is his typical landscape. In this dream, you can drink clean, cold water from the spring, wash it, splashing in the river, swim in the sea.
Well, if you see a beacon light or ashore. Well, when dreams that go on the dew, picking flowers, listening to the birds singing. Do not be alarmed if you hear thunder — is a harbinger of great success.
Fall and winter in happy dreams, too, are — golden leaves on the trees, the abundance of ripe fruit, sparkling snow in the sun, the lights of Christmas trees. You can ride on a sled, throw snowballs, to roll in the snow, and do all that afforded in childhood.
Yang fire in the "red" dreams often present were fire in the furnace, the fire, fire. This is a very powerful energy and a dream requires you, sending it to the active steps you've spent the accumulated surplus of power that Chinese mystics defined as "yang" — men, transforming, and hot.
If you do not, there will be "fire." Thereafter remain "black coal": a disease with a high temperature, a sharp decline in strength, depression and bad dreams.
An excess of energy speaks not only fire, but any red and orange objects. All the other colors of the rainbow, if they are clean and bright, show fully refreshed, but not excessive, and normal.
If you forget the color of objects in the surrounding you in your sleep, do not worry.
There are items that are symbols of success, regardless of their color.
Pockets full of diamonds Note any container in your dreams — they will be filled. Empty vessels — usually a bad sign, so to find a dream buckets, jars, bottles, pots, try to remember if there was something in them.
Best of all, when the vessels are filled with clean water — is a sign of health and peace of mind. Milk, cream, butter, honey, jam in good overall dreams often promise happiness in love and material prosperity. But if suddenly the contents of the pot you do not like, you may already waking mentally broken bottles. Ideal — brick or brick house on the corner, as a brick in a dream — a guarantee of happiness and stability.
Well, if the pot in a dream you are on fire and they cooked something. Boiler, and also remove the barrel to success and prosperity. Chest, especially a large, heavy weight material also foreshadows pleasures — for those who do happen ever see boxes that are rare in our day.
The modern equivalent of the chest — cabinet, chest of drawers, boxes, and even the size of a solid box or casket must also happy. True, depending on what is in them. Fine, if the gold, diamonds and other valuables.
Suit money in large denominations.
If you are in a box or a watch medal — also luck. As well as the keys. Not bad if your "treasure" will be full of nails. Nail — a symbol of success in business. Just do not forget to wake up mentally to drive it into the wall to great effect.
These values can be and just be in your hands in your pockets and anywhere. Well get them a gift.
If you dream you are celebrating your own or someone else's birthday, Christmas or other holiday, so there will be a holiday and in your soul. Places that you visit in this dream, do not matter, as long as it was all clean, nice and well lit.
People and animals himself in a dream, too, need to look at. Great deviations from the normal appearance of your teeth are large, very thick eyebrows, thick neck and a long nose. You do not like? However, this is the big-power potential. And most importantly — it's thick, beautiful hair (cosmic energy) and a strong, healthy feet (power ground).
When these external data, you will not have lesions in reality.
It does not matter if you're in a dream ill or even to the point of death. This is a sign of energy mobilization and adjustment: your subconscious is concerned and ready to fight.
Feelings in a dream is better experience bright, strong anger, love, resentment, shame, joy and sorrow. You can cry, cry, sing.
Sounds around you have to be loud, but not annoying. Singing and frogs as well portend happiness. If you hear the sound of it, the happiness will come a little later.
Are important lessons that you indulge in dreams. Best just to contemplate the beauty around you, without doing anything else. You can fly, dance or sit on the tree. But if you're an active person, even in a dream, the physical education — a very good sign. You can swim, jump down and climb to a height, even fight and shoot. All this happiness.
It also bring every good fairy tale characters: Santa Claus, angels and fairies, cute gnomes. Sometimes — artists, beautiful girls and good old lady. If you dream lucky enough to see the general, then you achieved wide fame and recognition. The phenomenon of a blacksmith and a fool — a sign of future fun.
Animals and birds to see better white, but not necessarily. Suppose that in a dream and you are surrounded by beautiful aggressive beings, even if they are predatory. Predatory animals indicate strength, health, future glory, success and power. A herd of cows, sheep, pigs bodes material success and prosperity.
If you ride a horse, you will win. Lions and elephants promised appearance patron and high status in society. Birds of prey — the power and the glory.
Turkeys and peacocks mean that you will have something to brag about. All birds with bright plumage mean joy, as well as the white. Sign joyful change — colorful butterflies and colorful fish, frolicking in the water. And if you managed to catch the big fish, the happiness and floats in your hands.
Sleep on your health! Remember now: how often do you see a happy dreams? If you rarely or never see — means Your energy could be better.
Almost always improve energy associated with improved mood. So try to create a good mood, "order" a happy dream. Before going to sleep, relieve themselves of their worries, just stopped thinking about them.
Sitting or standing up straight, listen to your body. Try to feel the energy passing through it flows. Feel the energy from the bottom up is the land that gives physical strength and health, activity, ability to enjoy life.
A top-down energy flows space required for the normal operation of the mind and the realization of talents. You can use the breath: the breath represent going up stream, on the exhale — going down.
If you are attentive to your feelings and you will be able to catch the movement of energy within your body, it's a success.
This practice helps eliminate the negative influence from the outside. Some could thus take off the evil eye is not strong, and cut energovampira psychoenergetical withstand impact, but again, not too powerful.
Setting yourself up for a good, remember the happy moments of their lives. Going to bed, try to present as clearly as possible what brings you joy.
But the creation of a dream — this is not a dream, so dream compose it, in accordance with the above logo, and not the desired reality, which in the language of symbols can mean something quite different from what we need.
Choose from the above images of happy dreams that you would like to see, and create a scenario for the future of sleep.
Probably the first dream is not what it planned. But over time, the programming will again become quite common. Remembering and awareness of them will be better.
Often, people who study the symbolism of dreams, unraveling their dreams at the moment of viewing. And if that was not like, then the course of action the plot changes in the desired direction. It is not that difficult with practice.
Of course, all the time just to see happy dreams no one can. But creating them even if only in the imagination, we attract to ourselves the positive energy building up to an optimistic wave. And thus attract into your life happy.

Nina Rifle astropsychologist

"The Secret Power"

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