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March 20, 2012 22:09

Since ancient times, people from different countries and continents tell of unknown lands, the passage in which only opens at a certain time and within a given location …

In these unknown lands live amazing people — elves, fairies, banshees, there is an invisible city of Kitezh, Hidden legendary Shambhala, other unknown continents and states. Some of these lands are lost forever people from other back, the road to the third known only few elected and consecrated.
First of all it was a myth. Today, however, scientists have proved the reality of the unknown space, where the atlas marked well-known country. They are there, but they are in another dimension.

 In the mythology of ancient times did not meet some mention of the mysterious seven continents Dam, Plaksha, Shalmali, Kush, Kroncha, Shaka and Pushkar, separated by oceans, crossed by mountain ranges and human trafficking. In the old books, for example, states that some provinces continent Jambu allegedly had a stable relationship with the Indian subcontinent. As to the other six continents, it seems, they were purely mythical, something of a land dotted-on-legs, or islands of Avalon and St. Brendan, well known in the field of paranormal and zkzoteriki.
In the 70-ies of XX century French scientist and explorer Jacques Bergier unknown stated that the existence of "mythical" Indian kingdoms are not contrary to the principles of modern mathematics, since the structure of space is much more complex than is generally assumed. "If we admit that the Earth — one of the Riemann surfaces (that is described mathematically and graphically complex spatial structure) — wrote Bergier — that may exist some unknown places that are inaccessible under normal circumstances, and not caused by either the cards or the globes. We are not aware of them, as unaware of the existence of bacteria and invisible radiation. " If we take the words of the scholar on faith, the next logical step is to recognize the existence of places that can be reached, but from which it is impossible to go back. Or in which you can enter only at certain times of day and year, or once every few years.
… In 1964, when Japan reigned total spy, the government decided to check passports of living in the Land of the Rising Sun foreigners. In a Tokyo hotel police stumbled upon a man whose passport was OK, except for the fact that the document has been issued in a non-existent country — the Republic Tuared, which, according to the owner, has a vast territory in the Sahara desert, stretching from Mauritania to Sudan. Week suffered with this man, investigators (and suddenly a spy?) Found that no State had no mysterious Tuared embassy. In the end, the unfortunate "tuaredtsa" simply placed in a hospital for the mentally ill.
It is possible that this story — an invention of some amateur sensation, although the investigation materials to the contrary. But suddenly a guest appearance in Japan of Tuareda be explained any other way?
Something similar happened in his time in Germany, when the outside of the town of Solingen, was detained a distraught man, dressed very strangely and was in a state of trance. Barely moving his tongue for fear, he explained that his name was Joseph, and Foreign he lives in the country in Las Balkaria that the continent Saqr. As he was in Solingen and he does not understand. German authorities have not managed to find on a map these mysterious places. The further fate of Mr. Forino, alas, is not known.
In 1982, the Spanish historian and ufologist Antonio Riviera had to retrain as a geographer and search for the mysterious land. This time it was a small archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. It all started with a phone call a friend who asked Riviera, whether he had ever heard anything about the islands of the Hesperides, lying at 47.9 degrees south latitude and 118.15 degrees west longitude? Of course, at the point with these coordinates are no islands and land closest to it — Easter Island and Juan Ferdinandes. But among the papers submitted to the Riviera buddy was curious pamphlet entitled "Study Island Hesperides" and published in England in 1962. The brochure was a lot of French and Spanish maps, and even … some pictures of distant and mysterious island of Hesperides! The archipelago consists of the islands of the alleged Big Hesperides, lake and small island Rap, as well as dozens of small atolls. Occupied the archipelago area -112 square miles. The largest of the islands rises Mount Franklin, Merced River, in the center of the Lake of the island lies a vast lake with some Polynesian name. The location of the islands makes them paradise.
If you believe the papers Riviera Island opened in 1850, the British whaler Jack McNally, who laid claim to them. But even more intriguing looking document, which said that the archipelago has acquired ownership Madrid a syndicate. And then it starts, quite literally, a journey of "Alice in Wonderland".
In order to aggravate the confusion of "Madrid syndicate" in the island renamed Hesperides Daugherty announced their independent state, which appealed to the UN for admission. This petition was rejected. Meanwhile, the government Hesperides began producing postcards and stamps in Esperanto and adopted a constitution in the same language, dated June 15, 1965, and proclaimed the Confederation Islands Doherty and the Hesperides. Signed this document one doctor Denevakara, General Mey-er and Professor Belavin. Soon Confederation appeared anthem "Under the Southern Cross", the capital of the village Starpol, the Treasury, the Foreign Ministry and the Interior Ministry. Postage stamps of the defunct republic proclaimed the freedom of belief, space travel (!) And human rights. These stamps were worth 50 and 75 some unknown currency.
Antonio Riviera spared no effort in search of the islands, but, of course, found nothing. "Let's — offers a paranormal researcher Dr. Max Finger from Vienna — what if this whole story is not associated with any real scam, ghost archipelago disappeared into oblivion — one of the points of contact of the world with a parallel from which to we often penetrate guests, material objects and pieces of information … "

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Oracle »№ February 2012

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