Our son — a normal child. Just too hairy …

11-year-old Indian boy Prutviray Patil of Sangli district near Bombay suffers from one of the most rare genetic disorders — excessive hairiness.

"With ten years of the child tried to treat a variety of ways, including homeopathy, ayurveda and laser, but nothing worked. According Prutviraya, it is sometimes name-calling Wolf" and strangers staring at him. "

"It's hard when you have to go out of his city where people do not know me. But otherwise the hair do not bother me, they do not itch and do not smell. When I went to school, first the other kids teased me, but now they are turning to me both normal, "- says the boy."

"After the birth Prutviraya some superstitious people spoke to his mother, she gave birth to a deity, others felt it was contrary bad sign. All came to see our baby. But soon the neighbors used to Prutvirayu. He is a good student and a good memory. Every day he plays cricket with friends and behaves like a normal child — say the parents, 32-year-old Anita, and 39-year-old Dilip. — But we do not like this hair. We do not want people to ever show a finger at him. So we appeal to doctors, so they can help our son. '"

We increased hairiness is the scientific name — "hypertrichosis", and it is practically incurable! The first degree of the disease — trihoz — occurs in about one out of 100,000 people. Manifested in the fact that a person bushy hair begins to grow in places where they should not be. Or where normal people just a small fluff.

Hypertrichosis — a rare, one case per 10 million. Unfortunate hair almost completely covered, like an animal — wool. In the adult human hair can grow even in the gastric mucosa.

Causes of the disease are not fully understood. Until recently, scientists believed hypertrichosis rare manifestation of atavism, random genetic heritage of our ancient predecessors, monkeys, and at the same time — additional proof of the origin of man from animals.

In the past, "Hairy" is often shown in circuses under various monikers loud: "Pithecanthropus", "Man-dog," "The Wolf Man" … Today they are trying in every way to show others that they are — ordinary people, and their increased hairiness — not lack, but rather a virtue.

Ugly on the outside but good inside

Chinese Yu Chzhenhuan, 95 percent of the body is covered with hair, recently decided to get married, and began to search the bride on the internet. "I am open to suggestions from any women," — he said the Chinese media.

"Yu Chzhenhuanyu 29 years old, he was born in the city of Shenyang in the north-eastern province of Liaoning. Despite appearances, he already had a girlfriend, but in the end, she left him. As a child, he said, he was teased caveman" . "

Yu is not shy about his appearance, and said that if he had a chance to be born again, he would prefer to be born in the same hairy.

"I know it's ugly, — says the guy — but I'm a good man, and, like everyone else, I need love. I feel like King Kong, ugly outside, but good inside. 96.5 per cent of my body covered with hair, and my parents told me that I could never find a wife. But I still hope. The people that I meet do not want to know me better. But when I'm on the internet, they are happy to chat and genuinely interested in my hairy body. "

Yu leads an active life, likes rock music, playing guitar and saxophone. Playing in pubs and bars, gives solo concerts and going to soon even record his first album.

Hair that covered his body, reach a length of six inches. For a long time he refused to even partially haircut, saying that hair — an integral part of his personality. Recently, however, was forced to succumb to the persistent entreaties of doctors and underwent surgery to remove the hair from the ears, so as not to lose their hearing.

Doctors insisted that Yu agreed to surgery, because due to abundant secretion of the sebaceous glands, not only worsened his hearing, but also threatened the brain.

As reported by the Chinese media, the operation was successfully held in Shanghai hospital. According to Dr. Chen Dzhinyanya, Director of Laser Surgery Clinic, the patient expanded canal and correct a birth defect. He also removed the hair follicles to prevent further growth of hair in the ears.

Yu said its increased wooliness blessing of God, which distinguishes it from other mortals. "I like my hair. Thanks to them, I do not like everything. I always felt special. It is true that as a child I did not understand it, and felt offended. I refused to go out and communicate with the outside world. But later I realized that I like myself in this, "- says Chzhenhuan.

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