Our Ukraine and the home: a unified people in a single country

Zbigniew Brzezinski: "Without Ukraine Our home ceases to be a Eurasian empire … Only with Ukraine Our homeland will turn into a massive imperial government, which has spread to Europe and Asia." With these words, impossible to disagree. Far no secret that, as it was 60 years ago (during the stateliness Russian war), and in the 17th century (the other day Pereyaslavska Rada), and even before (the Middle Ages), in the true time territory of Ukraine continues to be the scene of acute geopolitical confrontation between the Russian Federation with the entire western world. From in whose favor it over confrontation depends future Russia as a world power: the fate of one of its people, the base of which is the eastern Slavs — Great Russians, Little Russians and Belarusians.

Ukraine and Russia: one nation in a united country

Europe, by whom to Ukraine throughout its history came only one failure, unable to offer the Ukrainians do not farfetched considering the real benefits that, taking into account the current economic situation in the European Union, it becomes even more confusing. With all this segodnyaschy Ukrainian authorities, led by artful temptation to find "European real well-being" and that almost entirely ready to give up thousands of years of Russia, continuing his throwing. Fuel to the fire of these oscillations pour the Europeans themselves, they continue to tease the prospect of Mr Yanukovych to free trade with the next entry. No need to be a professional to realize that Europe is in its current state in any case will not go to the adoption of new members — would hold of old times. All European Ukraine promises are only achieve one single goal: to prevent or delay the very reunification of East nations.

In addition to the integration into the European Union, Ukraine is given hope entry NATO. Despite the known share of skepticism expressed by many professionals, Ukraine's accession to NATO absolutely can not yet be ruled out. This entry, in the event of his incarnation, the scale of the geopolitical consequences can be associated with the Nazi occupation of Ukraine, as well as its entry into the alliance will enable NATO countries have on its territory a lot of military bases, which inevitably would mean a catastrophic breach of the strategic nuclear balance, as would ensure ultra short reaching is American means of delivering nuclear weapons to Russian strategic sites. Talk about the culture and civilization, and the consequences of such a step completely out of place: what it can bring in terms of relations between our peoples, even scary to imagine. So Makar, the entry Ukraine NATO — flat threat is not only the Russian Federation and Ukraine, and the world, including nuclear, security, and this can not fail to be aware of in the West, specifically for that and for no other reason that the question of accession Ukraine the union so far has not been resolved favorably, and is used only as speculating.

The more obvious it is that Ukraine, more precisely its current government, has not shown tribute to historical consciousness and the present state of wisdom, most recently, to make the final choice in favor of a historic reunification with Russia. Ukraine's ruling elite must understand the truth of the ordinary, repeated every day weaves and tyschami of people: future our people — in their natural secular unity, albeit formally adjourned for any 20 years, our land will be painted in different colors.

The fair will be the fact that a certain wisdom to manifest and Moscow. And the words of "mutual benefit" of the integration here is not quite clear. The fact that Ukraine has observer status in the EurAsEC and signed a free trade zone — an undeniable achievement that, but still very far to real integration. But at one economy does not go far, friendship and brotherhood no gain for the money. Idealism? Utopia? — No, pragmatism. The fact that judgments about the mutual benefit of working only when things are going well. When a crisis and there are problems, questions the benefits go to the second plan, as friends, as you know, are learned in failure. In difficult times, the contradictions are exacerbated here then verified the truth of the brotherhood, marriage, friendship sincerity. At the moment, such as the time period. And after all that we can follow? — Many Russians already believe overseas Kiev, Ukraine associated with the word "gas" and more "patriotic"-minded citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukraine really feel the enemy …

That's why we need these things, that would suggest a genuine spiritual unity of recipes that do not need to invent, which is based on thousands of years of shared history and a shared vision of the future — the future of healthy, creative, great-coming belonging to one people in a single country, which does not will place the gas bargaining, stubborn nationalism and division by a non-existent historical grounds.

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