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Journalists warns prosecutors, the newspaper — Ministry

In Mogilev two journalists issued an official warning about the inadmissibility of prosecutorial distribution, as stated, the false information. The Ministry of Information warned th edition of the independent newspaper "The Hill".

Sergei Uneven

Krycheu editor of the newspaper "Free City" Sergei Nerovny has caused the district prosecutor Vladimir Tryvayla the next day, as soon as the circulation of the publication was distributed. The occasion was the publication of a journalist on the terrorist attack in Minsk on April 11.

"The prosecutor's office believes that this article applies to information that is destructive in nature and aimed at discrediting the law enforcement agencies, the Belarusian state and society. This is such a general order to press journalists covering and wish to bring the different sides investigate the case. Uses the power of the attack for political purposes "- said Sergey uneven.

Galina weekdays

When the newspaper "Free City" after the closing of several warnings not threatened, because it is not registered, the warning Gorecki "hills" — a threat. By Editor Branches weekdays, formal grounds were not so severe as to punish the newspaper once a warning. The editors do not rule out that after the first warning can be both.

For political persecution — the financial

Now another concern — appreciation of print and paper, said Galina weekdays:

"We are regularly in search of sponsors to help us with that survive. We have already come out in the kiosks. But for the people to have started actively buying, it takes time. For people to know that we in the stands. We will look for ways to non-state newspaper, the only registered in a free, uncensored, stayed afloat. "

Anatoly Sanotenko

What is bankruptcy because of the powerful prosecution knows editor of the independent "Bobruisk courier" Anatoly Sanotenko. Now the newspaper is not printing. Her publications — on the Internet on the same website. Anatoly Sanotenko, however, remains under the control of the authorities. His reflections on the terrorist attack in Minsk prosecutor gave reason to issue a warning to a journalist:

"It was a nervous reaction of the authorities in the manifestation of free journalism in Belarus. Wish to point out that from now on I do not like comments. Were violated my rights as a person and a journalist."


Although not close windows from Brest, but also "pushing" independent press

The Brest region left six independent newspapers. Two years ago, there were nine. The editors of print media today, with the crisis, noted that independent newspapers — on the brink of survival.

Editor in chief of one of the oldest newspapers in Brest "Brest Courier" Nikolay Alexandrov says that almost at the same time and Brest printing, and factory Shklovskaya reported appreciation of their services and products. The increase was 20%. This is already reflected in the price of the newspaper:

Salary journalist — 600-700 thousand rubles

Miklos Alexandrov

"The next issue of our publication has risen. Newspaper on sale now costs 1,500 rubles. Former price — 1200 rubles. However, you may have even cut staff to reduce costs. Saving have almost everything."

But small publications to raise the price of a newspaper is very difficult. In the words of the deputy editor of the newspaper "Gantsevichi hour" Peter Guzaevsky, will have to compete with publications like "Komsomolskaya Pravda". For the same cost of major publications and have larger and more diverse information. In the region, according to Peter Guzaevskogo really raises the question of survival. The team lives in difficult conditions:

"In fact, we have a journalist receives 600-700 thousand rubles. Many say it will look for a job, since the money is impossible to live and support a family.'s See what will happen next, how this situation will turn for us."

Cut costs, reduce the volume and increase the value of the newspaper — to take such steps have to go Baranovichi "Intex-press", says its editor Vladimir Yanukevich. The publication refused to distribute state monopolies "Belsoyuzpechat" and "Belpochta." The consequences of the crisis for the publication — not only in appreciation of print and paper: Advertisers stop their business disappears advertising, says Vladimir Yanukevich:

Opinion editor: "Then it will be harder"

"Many manufacturers have started to remove the advertising, because such an uncertain situation in the market. And the paper and printing is becoming more expensive. Today, we simply can not predict what will survive this and the next quarter."

According to the chief editor of "Brest Courier" Nikolai Alexandrov, it will be even more complicated:

"What is happening now — this is absurd, and the results of errors that have been laid before. We are talking about the political environment and economic. They are now just got out. And it will be even more dangerous situation. We have to try on the realities, and at the same time and we want to change these realities of his newspaper word. "

Grodno region

"Every new edition of the newspaper may be the last …"

Independent newspapers in the Grodno region in crisis, like the rest of the Belarusian economy. Publishers in despair, because each issue of the newspaper may be the last.

Victor Volodoschuk

Speaking about the current state of "Newspapers Slonim," her publisher and editor Victor Volodoschuk notes that publish an independent newspaper in the country has always been difficult, but what is happening now, just with nothing comparable. And above all, he notes the economic factors:

"The paper has risen in price by 50-70%. Earlier per tonne paid 2.6 million rubles, now — 3600000. YTD rose in price printing services — about 30%. All paper suppliers require pre-payment and it is quite a significant amount. When else before you could take the credit, but now no one gives. "

"Probably never previously independent regional publications were not so close to the stop work."

Prior to that, Victor Volodoschuk adds that in the future sell the newspaper at their distributors, as state-owned enterprises "Belpochta" and "Belsoyuzpechat" do not sign the contract with him. He also said that the problems began for advertisers, which greatly affected by the economic crisis and take away much advertising on the pages of the magazine.

Generally, the editor of "Gazeta Slonim" sadly notes that ever independent regional publications were not so close to having to cease operations:

"It is difficult to say how much we still hold out. My predictions earlier touched July, and now I
see really that high until the autumn to reach out, and if nothing will change in the economic situation, with the currency — will stop. All suppliers — Russia and the paint from there, and the paper from there … ".

I ask the editor — if something has changed in the situation with freedom of speech has become easier to get information from the authorities?

Volodoschuk: "I do not see that in this sense, something changed. Then we can not easily obtain information, especially from government officials. Well I do not love us … power."

Mozheyko Paul: "I think this is a very dangerous beginning of the process, followed by the start of repression."

Further expressed famous Grodno journalists.

Paul Mozheyko, now an employee of TV channel "Belsat", worked in the newspaper "The Chase", the Supreme Economic Court closed after the 2001 presidential election.

If there are no arguments to talk with the independent press, the government takes out the hammer, which has a heads of independent journalists

Mozheyko: "Today, the story of the process of closure of" Nasha Niva "and" Narodnaya Volya "more to me smacks of hysteria, hopelessness. Turns out that the power to dump all their other problems and blamed for the problems with the currency, with the international community, with political opponents, are responsible for the independent press, including journalists. should be recognized that in this economic situation that prevailed in Belarus, the newspapers — "Narodnaya Volya" and "Nasha Niva" — were a symbol of freedom of speech than, say, a real threat to Lukashenko. Therefore I'm talking about the hysteria and despair: it turns out — if there is no argument to speak to our situation with the independent press, the power always gets the hammer, which has a heads of independent journalists. "

Paul Mozheyko pessimistic. He believes that "Our Niva" and "Narodnaya Volya" closed.

Mozheyko: "While this power itself does not produce anything. I think this is a very dangerous beginning of the process, because the independent press has always struck again. It is possible that after the closure of the two newspapers will go repression, pressure on other independent structures that remain in Belarus. "

By the way, Paul Mozheyko with the chief editor of the "Chase" Nikolai Markevich were accused of defaming the president, they were punished periods of detention.

"This is — the agony of power"

Elena Ravbetskaya edited another Grodno newspaper — "Exchange of Information". Before the referendum on the third term Lukashenko Ministry of Information suspended the publication of a newspaper for three months, after which the Belarusian printing houses refused to issue an "exchange of information", and it soon ceased to exist. Elena Ravbetskaya-about the threat of closure of the "Narodnaya Volya" and "Nasha Niva" and after them — other non-state mass media:

"It's not even the crackdown, it's some agony. Now very profitable to keep these two newspapers to wave at someone in front of his nose with some democratic moments. Course, they will be closed, but it can all fall apart faster than their closed" .

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