Pagan magic always protected our ancestors

November 7, 2011 1:54

Pagan MagicWhat do we know about their ancestors — the ancient Slavic pagan? Descriptions of their cultural traditions can be found in the historical literature. Much less is known about the secret knowledge and magic rituals that were practiced by them for centuries.
In paganism his followers saw the pledge of freedom. One of the first precepts of traditional beliefs read, or on a rack or on the block is not recognized in the essence of faith. Why should the nations not disclose "details" of their religion? Yes, for the same reason that there are many secret orders, which banned the uninitiated — to keep secret underlying the doctrine magical knowledge.
Secret knowledge preserved Volkhov (priestly) caste. The Gentiles was not monotheism. Every force of nature personified a particular deity, worshiped at the appropriate time of year, day and night. Each divine worship conform their mystical mysteries.

 Purgasova Russ Take peoples of the Volga region. Russian-speaking population there is mixed with Mordovians, and during the Baptism of Russia, many Slavs, not wanting to accept Christianity, nailed to the tribes of Moksha and Erzya, which the Church did not touch. That has been in the Volga lands Purgasova Russia. The first mention of it found in 1080. "Purgas" at the local, Mordovia dialect means "come" — the name of Russian refugees.
Many magical tricks Volga Slavs were designed to protect soldiers in combat. To protect the warrior from his wounds, he put on the transparent shirt of hair close relatives, and it was made slander.
Another type of protective rite: the measure of a rope shot a man and then folded the rope three times and tied up, kept all the time no warrior. Such ceremonies with HEX practice so far, for example, before the wires youths into the army.
Cossack saved by the Volga was walking a lot of "free people" who did not want to obey any authority was. They often went to the robbers, and among them were not only reckless daredevil, but ideological fighters with despotism. At the same chieftains traditionally performed prince (military) and priestly functions. In particular, it chieftains spoken to his people by a bullet, and from Damascus steel. And the functions of these pagan gang leaders could do, and women. Perhaps it was born and Cossack combat magic — Savior.
The story goes that during the invasion of Genghis Khan in southern Russia two of his best tumens (20,000 men) met between the Don and Volga rivers to unknown soldiers, easily shy away from flying arrows and they even caught out from his chest.
They fought with two swords, standing on the saddle horses, went against all attacks and did not fear death. The battles often happened that the Mongols suddenly fell into madness and taken to fight each other.
A lot of them were killed in that battle. Invincible warriors belonged to the South Slavic tribe dzhaniytsev.
Modern Don Cossacks formed when with Slavic-Cherkassy merged Novgorod branch of freemen, who fled from the tyranny of Ivan the Terrible.
Novgorod the Great, was then one of the spiritual centers of Russia, opposed the Orthodox Church. Novgorod, which was conducting its origins in the Aryan Hyperboreans were very experienced in spiritual practices, and their power systems "Fist of Perun," "Buz" and "Skobar" not inferior fighting style southern dzhaniytsev. From the joint knowledge and great art was born fighting, survival and healing — Cossack Spas.
Basis of Our Saviour — a special spell SlovoZagovor, symbol — WHO (the Big Dipper, are kept on the arms and press Cossacks). Characterniki (so they call those who possess the magical tricks of the Savior) do not recognize the priests and priests, communicating with higher forces directly, through the "mana" meditation.
25-year-old White Guard colonel Vasischev in 1920 with 54 Cossacks captured the whole corps of the Red Army. The Red Army tried to shoot at the White Cossacks, but for some reason all the guns misfire.
Disarmed prisoners, Colonel released them into the wild. A little later, in the crowded parade ground liberated village Naurskaya he dismounted, unbuckled the belt and shook his clothes: a bullet from the Red Army guns peas fell at his feet! In the story of Yuri Dombrovsky "Keeper of Antiquities," a veteran of the Civil War, recalls how during the battle with kazakamipovstantsami was captured famous atamansha Marusya. The tribunal sentenced her to death, but none of the class-conscious fighters dared to lead Cossack woman with a reputation as a witch to the execution site. The narrator, the unit commander, the courage and led Marusia.
In the steppe, almost on the spot, one stroke atamansha released tightly bound hands, and then tried to enter the narrator in a trance, disarm and kill.
Red Commander was able to resist the charms and shot Cossack. He saw her funeral, and then three days wandering the steppe in a strange faint and dizzy.
When he returned to his unit, he was handed a letter by someone planted. "Poor you shoot me — it said — still zhivehonkaya. Your Maruska. " Apparently, atamansha owned elements of the Savior, which included a binding spell and spell-hassle, and lycanthropy.
Cult werewolf ability to transform into birds and animals seem to come to the south with the Novgorod-pagan cults devoted to the northern "ulfednar" (people-wolves) and "Berserk" (people-bears). Last cult was popular with the Vikings who held the Novgorod consanguineous.
To demonstrate their abilities using a dedicated exercise. Naked warrior sat in the snow and began to meditate, opening a channel of internal energy Zdrava (in Sanskrit tradition — prana). His body is warmed up, the snow was melting around, and he did not feel the cold. In Tibet, is still practiced a similar exercise, the monks were dried in the cold wet sheets, wrapped naked in them.
Initiation into the cult of human-animal contains two main parts, the first of which is developing the ability to introduce yourself in a state of combat trance. This allowed us to see the enemy's actions in slow motion, it is easy to dodge the blows, arrows and swords, as well as to feel the direction of flight of "their" arrows or bullets (at this point spasovtsa grows cold neck). Lycanthropy is dual in nature: in some cases, the human mind can move into a bird or beast, subjecting the animal to his will, or battle mage only inspires opponents that they see a wolf or a bear.
"Thunderbolt" Gone to the ancient tribes of the forest left behind amazing recipes healing the sick. The Nizhny Novgorod Fair in the XIX century, high demand "magic" stones: jade, quartz crystals, and belemnite — a mineral animal formed from extinct marine cephalopods.
Belemnites of the most famous "thunderbolt", often called "Thunderbolt". According to legends, it is formed by a lightning strike to the ground. "Thunder" or "witch Arrow" contains an abundance of calcium, which in contact or use in the form of crushed inside tend to change the acidity of the skin. This in turn has an impact on the work of, the nerve endings that are projected on the treated part of the skin. Thus, the thunderbolt or the water in which it rastolchen can have a therapeutic effect or wound healing.
Thunderbolt is a necessary attribute of pagan voodoo practices.
She was placed in the water, to slander her, certain words and gave the patient to drink the infusion.
Sometimes stone pricked sore spots. This was accompanied by a conspiracy, and even complex ritual: expelling hvorobu, the medicine man roared, rushed and hit an invisible enemy with his whip, and finally hit his stone arrow.
After the ceremony the same doctor drew an arrow on the body of the patient signs and watched as it reacts to the skin.
In places where the nerve endings unhealthy body remained red stripes. There's a stone gave another chemical reaction — the people say: the disease burns! These areas of the body moisturizers and treated more intensively. Art of medicine man explained solely by magical forces. Nizhny Novgorod peasants considered a magical stone, and the doctors thought this way of healing quackery.
"Witch ointment" noteworthy rite vodopolozheniya whose elements were used to hide from the advancing enemy. Ethnographers have noted that witches Komi night of Ivan Kupala go to sleep under. The ritual dates back to the Old Slavonic culture toad. Thus, in the villages of the Nizhny Novgorod region still preserved ponds where specially bred and protect toads. It is now we take the hands of disgust warty amphibian, and our ancestors worshiped toad for divine creation. And for good reason! If you take the green inhabitant of the pond in his hands and squeezed it, it will allocate anuran poison. In this case it is not a poison and medicine. Healing liquid is effective against skin diseases, especially warts, promotes better absorption of oxygen the skin and also protect from asthma. Poison frogs collected in the dark and mixed with some oil.
It turns out so-called "witch ointment", the properties of which are lost in the daylight, apparently light photons decompose any nutrients. But if you rub out a freshly ointment at night, they say, can be a long time under water. Light does not require air, because the blood is enough oxygen to sustain livelihoods.
True, you can not go under the water, or to think — not enough oxygen. Magician or sorcerer falls into an altered state of consciousness. He even begins to feel the vibration of life — low-frequency sounds that accompany human life, animals and plants. In the legends tells about the most "skilled" people who manage to even sleep in the water.
Very similar to the modern yogi … By the way, the rite vodopolozheniya necessarily performed at the dedication of a witch.
Was suitable for this purpose is not any water, and the only "live", the tuning. Before initiation into the water first fell experienced witch to hear the rhythms generated by jets of water, and make sure their "vitality."
The common man was not under force to distinguish "living" water from the "dead", so it is a question of a purely magical phenomenon.
But rainmaking ceremony is purely material explanation. Piled a big fire of horsetails and ferns. These plants have a silicon substrate. When the smoke rises to the clouds, it contains silicon particles cause condensation, which leads to precipitation.
Victim Mother Earth exist in the pagan Slavs and the practice of sacrifice. If somewhere started murrain, local peasant made the so-called rite opahivaniya. In this case, the animal was sacrificed. However, if the process gets in the way of any man, he was considered the embodiment of illness or death, which was directed against the ritual.
This poor guy pounding than necessary, until beaten to death. Therefore, seeing the procession, all men tried to run away or hide.
During droughts and epidemics farmers often look for the guilty and paid him his anger. Most of these were people taken for witches and wizards that can spoil or even bring the cattle plague in their village.
Echoes of this magical tradition survived almost to the present day. In two hundred years ago the historian V.Antonovich described a case in the village Gumenets the hem. In 1738, there was rampant plague. Farmers decided to hold a procession to ward off the terrible disease. At night they went on the field with a cross and prayers and accidentally collided with a resident of a nearby village, looking for their runaway horse out of the stall. Somehow, the procession participants decided to wander with a bridle on the field people — witch. His first beat, and then burned at the local priest's permission.
It has long been assumed that in the case of mass disasters should sacrifice to the earth — mother-nurse. In 1855 Navahradak county during the cholera epidemic one old woman was lured to the cemetery, was pushed into a pre-dug grave and covered with earth.
And in 1861, one of the residents Turukhansk region to escape the epidemic of the deadly disease, voluntarily sacrificed her little cousin, burying her alive in the ground. This cruel tradition dates back to the time when the life of the Slavs was a constant struggle against the hostile forces of nature.
To this day, we unconsciously keep many pagan rituals. Even the celebration of the New Year and Easter, not to mention the carnival, is primarily a mystical action, conducting person through cycles of natural cycle.
Let us turn our gaze to the story …

Prepared by Diane Merlin
"The Secret Power"

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