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Zabugornye media campaign vain attempts of the "United Russian Federation" and her favorites

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Zabugornye media write about the convention opens "Uniform of the Russian Federation" and the overall situation in the country ahead of parliamentary and presidential elections. "This unbearable suspense — pohihikivaet one journalist — if I can Kremlin party zahapat 80% of the seats in the Duma, or only 75 or 105?". For the bureaucracy, paralyzed with the uncertainty of the future president, the most important question, will return to "the era of the 1st boss."

The Congress of "United Russia," starting in Moscow now, does not look like a party conference in England or even any other country of Western democracy, says The Times. "In fact there is debate about the political course. Delegates will bring only a small contribution to the work of their reports. Lays out a future election campaign will not." According to the views of the publication, the only concern "A single RF"-" How to make a semblance of democratic elections, not to run into the open mockery. "

And still feel the excitement in Moscow: Putin to expect at least a hint of his intentions. Disappointed if Putin Medvedev work? Sure whether Putin would maintain its own rating? Either he believes that he is best suited option today — ruling tandem?

"Most Russians do not know well and do not want to know. Country plunged into a deep political apathy," — says the article. "Our homeland becomes quite surreal campaign, which will end in March, with an expected return Fishing season to power "- concludes the English edition.

Rumors have spread for Thursday: Our homeland Tipo want to copy Germany, writes Russian edition of "Case of the week." "In our own Congress," United Our homeland "as it will advocate the transformation of Russia into a parliamentary republic in which the president will have only a representative function," — says the Sueddeutsche Zeitung. Completely "absurd" called the favorite of the rumor of the parliamentary faction "United RF"Boris Gryzlov.

"Many Russians without these rumors are convinced that now heads the powerful Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev represents the country faster. Will I continue such alignment is not clear," — says the creator of the publication.

According to the polls, "A single RF"Do not count on two-thirds of the seats in parliament after the elections on December 4." "Dissatisfaction with Russian political elite grows. Gasoline, food, heating is constantly becoming more expensive, costly and bribes, if a person finds place studying or looking forward to a benign medical care. Every fifth inhabitant of the country would prefer to leave it — all this is summed up in a far from rosy prospects "- the article says.

According to political analyst Misha Delyagina beliefs, Medvedev is "preparing a new job." Alternatively, candidate which could occupy prime minister or even the presidency, portrayed as Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin and Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. "But with democracy, transparency and fair konkurentnstyu it has not much to do," — emphasizes the publication.

In the "United Russia," the Kremlin's party, which received two third places in 2007, there will be a real competitor, other than the Communist Party, writes Les Echos reports Yves Budriyon. "Using the technical and legal excuses, the Ministry of Justice refused to register liberal" Party of People's Freedom "(Parnas). To make the illusion of pluralism, the Kremlin has invented pseudo-opposition party" just cause ", putting at the head of billionaire Prokhorov Misha, but he treated his own the role very seriously and has recently been eliminated — presents his version of Budriyon. — Masterly has engineered the election the Kremlin has decided to include the "United Russia", which many Russians believe the party fraudsters in Russia People's Front, taking in the whole structure of this enterprise and association . "

Russian political class as before remains hostage to the "difficulty 2012" — the decision by President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who of them would run for the presidential elections in March next year, writes the Financial Times.
On a yearly congress of the party "United Our homeland", which is the political hegemony Fishing season, spetsy expect at least some hints, if not a direct announcement of the transfer of power, the article says. In the absence of accurate signal on Russian management and bureaucracy remain paralyzed. "At the moment no strategic decisions are not taken because of the uncertainty," — said one of the capital's bankers.
"Analysts sprawled in the views, whether they are watching the political struggle behind the scenes or carefully thought-out policy simulations, which has become the norm in a decade of Putin's rule," — says the article.

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