People and mysteries of the kingdom of ice

January 13, 2012 12:39

North legend appears in most land of cold and darkness, a special place to live magicians, able to travel to the world of spirits and communicate with other-wordly beings.

Others, "fairy-tale" legends associated with Lapland lost (or Not Found) Hyperborea, has gone from many ancient civilizations. No wonder such a meticulous interest lies to the north as the NKVD and the German "Ahnenerbe." It is known that in 1924 the sacred Seydoozero special expedition was sent to the special department of the NKVD. The results of this expedition are secret until now. During the same war, the SS special forces for unknown reasons, were in Karelia and the Kola Peninsula, trying to find something of the darkness and snow.
But the North its secrets are not easy to produce, and therefore remains a land of unsolved mysteries.

Who are they and where?

And one of those mysteries — the origin of the indigenous people of Lapland, the Sami, or, in other words, the falls. The Sami people are now the relic, the oldest in Europe. It is believed that they lived in the North from the beginning of the world (some researchers claim that the Sami traditions inherited from the tribes of Hyperborea). Other scholars, arguing provide concrete figures: Sami — people though ancient, but still they came, and they appeared in Lapland than five thousand years ago. They have in common with the Baltic-Finnish, Volga and Ural peoples. A homeland is somewhere in the upper watersheds of the Kama River in the Urals.

Another problem — it's just the origin of the name "Lapp" and, accordingly, "Lapland". One school says about Asian origins of this ancient European people, and associates the name "Lapp" with the Mongolian word «lupe», which means "going to the north." The second school is "attached" to the Finns and Lapps drevnefinskomu words with the root «lappes», which translates as "driven." Again from drevnefinskogo is also another version, based on the word «lapu», means "extreme border" or "witch."

Sami now there are only 60,000 people. They still speak their own very ancient, ancestral language, which, however, now as much as 10 dialects, and so different that they may well be mistaken for different languages.


First to describe the mysterious northern people, was the Roman historian Tacitus. He, in particular, spoke about the Lapps, "without thinking about the people, not the gods, they have achieved the most difficult: they no longer feel plaguing people desire." But Tacitus was not quite right. We Lapps had their gods. Today, scientists are trying to reconstruct their mythological and religious beliefs into proto period. And the result is amazing.

We Lapps, despite the supreme deity, the heavenly god called Imbel, this demiurge was a woman! One Lapp legend says that after the creation of the Earth has been sent Maddar-Acre, "a woman and a mother," to generate life.

The main god worshiped by the Laplanders, was the god of the sun — Bayview. He frequently portrayed in magical drums as the main figure of the lesser deities.

On the other hand, however, "was a popular and anthropomorphic god Ah-che (" Father which spawned thunder "). He is often pictured as a bird. Here, incidentally, can be traced striking similarity of this northern god with God … the American Indians. In particular, the Cheyenne and arpako a god of thunder, who also portrayed in the form of a bird, and at the Pawnee Indian tribe is a supreme being Tirawi Atius where Atius matches the word "father", whose symbol is again a bird feather.

Special treatment at Lapps were the dead. They had the fear of the dead, it was believed that they bring misfortune. There were times Laplanders not buried their dead. They either "hanging" them on the trees, so that the body had been exposed to natural elements, or leave them to wolves and mosquitoes. Some tribes Lapland was the custom to bury the dead on the islands in the lake: left on a tiny plot of land, surrounded by water, the dead could not return to the living and to be reunited with them in the house (tent).

And while the Sami have a reverent respect for their ancestors cult places. In Sami places sound like "Sow," which translated means "holy land." One of those places you are still denied entry to outsiders, is the island of Ukko, on Lake Inarinyarvi. It is believed that this island — the possession of the ancient spirits. Here, up to 50 years of XX century were pagan sacrifice. Today the Sami to the island are very careful not to appear there hungry and discourage other interesting public from visiting the sacred island.

Still inspire awe Lapps stones. To this day they have preserved the notion that some special stones are sacred. Northern people believed that the stones, even the smallest ones, are capable of horrible actions. They also claimed that there were stones that moved ancient glaciers not down, and up and mysteriously moved from place to place.


And any Lapland tribe had an exceptional person who can communicate with spirits. It was a shaman. Shamanic cult, with all the complexities, prophecies and provocatively rites, magic and goes deep in hoary antiquity. By voodoo allowed only selected, which took a long and unique way of learning.

The most ancient rituals and traditions preserved in Sami shamans: to communicate with the spirits of these are completely naked, showing a very purity of intent and oneness with the world. Certainly, it is an echo of the very ancient times, when people did not need clothes (and even more — perhaps an echo of a time when the northern lands were a blooming garden, and there was a very, very warm). In this regard, Sami shamans differ from the Siberian. But all Lappish shaman combines amazing ability of clairvoyance.

This clairvoyance manifested in different forms. Most often, a shaman in the sacred drum beat to achieve spiritual exaltation, and asking god, that it had entered into him and imposed a state of contemplative ecstasy. During this trance the shaman said that he was shown or told perfume.

In other cases, shamans could be detached from the everyday affairs invisible voices that carried away on a long journey. Shaman get up and go, driven supernatural power, and nothing could stop him before he completes the path in which there will be neither eat nor drink. At the end of the trance the shaman could talk about what he has seen from several kilometers away from the village.

In general, the northern nations, particularly the Sami have the reputation in Europe as a nation of witches and sorcerers. It is known that European kings in their courts held Lapp sorcerers, using their supernatural powers (and this is the time of a witch hunt!). Sami witch lived at the court of Ivan the Terrible.

Moreover, some researchers say with full confidence that the northern witchcraft tradition helped to ascend the throne of Moscow and Dmitry I even … beat Swedes Peter I.


One of the most amazing phenomena, of course, had an impact on the attitudes and lifestyles of Lapps, is a mysterious Camos. Kamose time (January-February) — is, in fact, the polar night, when the sun never rises above the horizon.

Polar day lasts very little: from 10 to 13 in the afternoon. It is painted in transparent sirenevato tone and ghostly light earth combined with the light of the stars.

Kamose time — it is also the time of another mysterious natural phenomena — the Northern Lights. According to Sami, northern "Aurora" — a snow sparks divine carved tail fox running through the horizon.

Kamose time — it is also the time of another mysterious natural phenomena — the Northern Lights

But who move under the snow — no one knows. Not long ago, the public excited Lapland The appearance of strange grooves in the snow, which sometimes reach a height greater than a meter. Supporters of the paranormal claim that "roam" snow snake unknown to science. This is the conclusion they made on the basis of the strange behavior of dogs that are very aggressively respond to the smells that came from the mysterious snow mounds.

North is still the main repository of the ancient mysteries, and everyone who came into contact with the "north side", who breathed her special cold air, realizes that the surreal in our world far more than the real one.

Aventine Rossi

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