People have eyes on the forehead climb from the numbers on the price tags

Society is hopelessly dull line at the bank of exchangers, the tabs are familiar words: "Currency is not for sale and will not come today" … Confused people at the shelves in the stores, where the numbers on the price tags happen in one day increased by half, if not twice … Many Belarusian citizens, stunned by the current economic situation, want to hear the answers to their questions. But the power of reason in response to a disturbance often evasive answers, only calming and promising quick stabilization.

On this subject — much of our mail that we receive in these days of April.

I will start today's conversation from a letter Olga Maladovskay from Pinsk. Impressed by the rapid negative changes in the daily life of Belarusians, listener writes:

"Well, we had a socially oriented, managed wisely" vertical "economy. One time we even talked about the" Belarusian economic miracle. "And what was this miracle? Something I can not understand. Fact that" blooming "the economy has given crack — it is clear what we are seeing every day. But why did this happen, who is to blame? listened as we explained to Alexander G., when he went to the Brest region, speaking with a message to the deputies. Says, car dealers are to blame, took currency. What is this stability, which is operated for the economy, when all control can crush hapless owners of old junk car that dream to change it to the same stuff, just a little more than a new one?

Thanks to the wise leadership of our socially-oriented state in the arena rogues are back-currency dealers. Lukashenko constantly swears that he is for the people, and that really the case? People have eyes on the forehead climb from the numbers on the price tags. So if you have the power, the protection of the people, do something for all to see that the situation is corrected. But everything is done so that the people — are getting poorer and the rich crooks, officials prahadimtsy — just get richer ".

During a recent speech on the financial crisis — in his annual message — Alexander Lukashenko blamed and accused of the currency problems are not only irresponsible citizens who were buying the currency, sugar and butter. At this time got both the government and the National Bank. Like, printed blank money, handing out loans left and right to import goods from abroad more than they exported. In short, living beyond their means, get into debt — and because bankruptcy. The criticism, of course, correct. That's just who it should be addressed in the state in which neither the government nor the Parliament nor the National Bank is not independent in its actions, where any more or less significant political and economic solution for the past fifteen years, takes only one person known to everyone?

Another pressing issue that concerns and worries in these days most of the Belarusian society — the reasons and consequences of the explosion on April 11 in Minsk subway, which resulted in numerous casualties. Analyzing the reaction of the authorities to this and other recent developments, our long-time student and author Ales Martinovic from Baranovichy writes:

"Alexander Lukashenko — the man who in the conflict feels like a pike in the pond, where a lot of carp. Here and now, experiencing an ambiguous position in which the country found itself after the 19th of December, in the wake of the currency crisis, the shock of 11 — April — as we see Lukashenko? There is no confusion! Only — charisma and commitment to destroy and let the wind all the enemies and war mongers!

Will the weakened repression National Democrats survive another and hitting this fighter sledgehammer that is so way into the hands of the authorities after the 11th of April? In the new Belarusian society will naturally and inevitably slide toward Lukashenko's "Hold and do not let go". Caught in the grip of Lukashenko's government, the opposition has no prospects. Terrorist attack buried in mass consciousness Belarusian even those small requests for democracy that existed prior to December 19 of 2010.

Looks like we're going to see in Belarus will disappear once and for all that form of opposition, which was born in the early 90-ies of the last century. Apparently, the democratization of Belarus forever engaged in a relationship of possible future democratization of Russia ".

Judging by recent public statements, Alexander Lukashenko really trying to connect to a single chain, and a protest on December 19, and the currency crisis, and consumer panic, and the explosion in the subway. And it's a chain, it is likely it will drop on the heads of the opposition. At the very least, the leitmotif of the presidential address, which was made on April 21 — just accusations against the opposition (the so-called "fifth column"), as well as recognition of the wrong policies of some of liberalization and democratization that under pressure from the West was held in Belarus in the last election campaign.

The question is whether these will explain and justify the society. Destroy, to burn out the opposition field can completely Lukashenko — in this case has already done so much that by the end near. And the nuts using the security forces clamped so that any longer. But really the main threat to the stability of the regime today comes not from the opposition — and from the fierce queues at exchangers from a deaf indignation of the workers, which at current prices can not feed their families, and the loss of dezaryentavanastsi pensioners, who yesterday sincerely believed that they lead to a brighter future.

Many of our students continues to concern the fate of political prisoners — those opposition politicians, activists, and just as active citizens who have suffered for their participation in a protest rally on Independence Square in Minsk on December 19 last year. That's what a letter on the subject sent us Elena Pavlov of Oshmyan. Listener writes:

"A lot of years listening to" Freedom. "I want to say that after the 19th of December, my indignation no boundaries. Let me hear those judges ilzhesvedki and all prison cats that are relevant to the pursuit of political prisoners. Adumaytsesya, what are you doing to innocent people? God sees everything. Suppose you live in this world, even a hundred years old — still the end will come. and will have to appear before the court to which any officer can not make an unjust sentence order. well you all take the devil. Will burn in the fires of hell and never do not go out there — not in a thousand years or a million centuries (as written in the Gospels.) there is no way out.

Especially the young guys, sorry for the police. Let be asked their parents to those explained what to expect for earthly misdeeds in the next world. Plant a guilty person to jail — no less a sin than murder. Yes, they hide the face, give false testimony from behind the door, because ashamed to look people in the eye. But from God's judgment nor for what walls you can not hide ".

I do not think Mrs. Pavlov that these people are different piety and really appreciate the commandments of God. The fact that you can lay in the souls in childhood, it is hardly possible to do now, when twenty-year-beybusy in uniforms and helmets with impunity beaten with rubber truncheons defenseless people, reveling in his own strength and power.

In general, the role of the Church in all the important social upheavals of recent times — another big problem. After the events of December 19 of the Spiritual Hierarchy actually said nothing, did not express their attitude to what happened. What, then, to claim high moral and Christian responsibility of the lay population (and even more from those who are following the leader of the country consider them
selves in the "Orthodox atheist"?).

Eugene Bondarev of the village Marozavka Chaussy District decided to take up an RFE after a review of the proposal calls heard one of our stubborn opponent with a call to close the "Freedom." Eugene Bondarev writes on this subject:

"If a person is sure that everything is good, then no radio or newspaper will not convince him otherwise. Conversely, when a person lives is bad, then he up to the fact that many people are now buying cars? ..

Do you still have the air of a Narochansky advocated peasant who boasted achievements. And I had wanted to ask: he pleased that his village was left only nine yards? And why, when the power of all the holes whistles that the Belarusian village is reborn, this is the village really dying? People are torn out of the village where you can earn, where it is possible to work after vacation. I find it funny when the government boasts that labor productivity in rural areas grew by three times. Yes we have simply no work. And if someone wants to come to the village — where to find the place on which would pay good money?

I also have other matters to the authorities, which I can not find an answer. For example, under the Constitution, the education we have — free of charge. And in fact, more than half of the students have to pay for their college education. Or another problem. The laws we have somehow work predominantly in favor of the chief. I have worked in many places — and everywhere faced with the violation of labor laws. Interestingly, I can answer that Lukashenko supporters.

I think it would cost to hold a referendum on the responsibility of Deputies and the President of the promises given to the people. But something I doubt that someone of his conduct ".

If we imagine that the government would agree to such a referendum and that it would be carried out in accordance with applicable laws are the same slave power "hierarchy" electoral commission, which organized all elections and referendums in the last sixteen years, the result is a high probability can be predicted in advance, Mr. Cooper. Rather, it was officially announced that the current government won a landslide victory, and 70-80 percent of the population voted for the fact that neither the deputies nor the president should not be responsible for the data during the election campaign promises. So whether it's the people's money to spend?

Thank you to everyone who took the time to write on "Freedom." Since you were Valentin Zhdanko. Write to us, previous address: Minsk-5, mailbox one hundred and eleventh

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