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An excerpt from the book M.Kalashnikova "Tsunami 2010s" (chapter "Clay magician", "Anthroposphere magician"). The book was completed in October 2007.

Clay magician

— See, now I'm going to cut them to the glass, — says an old, imposing-looking man, picking up a piece of strange, dense material that resembles a shard from an antique vase. Holds them by the bottle, leaving a deep furrow of green glass. — You know what this is? Skeleton, the new material. It strength is 1.9 times greater than natural diamond. Skeleton — a specially treated carbon …
So Russian architect Vladimir Popov is a skeleton. Inexpensive material of the future, what can be done anywhere. Ultra-light and ultra-strong. Astounded by what he saw. Popov rings the bell hanging from the ceiling of the room. They — ceramic, but the sound, as if made of metal. And the strength they have — hoo! It's great! When I was in school, in the eighty-three saw a series of reports by Vladimir Tsvetova about the Japanese economic miracle and high-tech. One day he showed the car engine, the Japanese have made of high-strength ceramics. Now Maxim Kalashnikov sees something like that, but in the Russian version.
Popov — an amazing person and hung up. The great innovator. He is a born chief designer. If we can build a civilization of the future in Russia, the Popov to be one of the most prominent of its creators. From that he developed "and his friends" ceramic materials can make a complete revolution in the construction of residential buildings. They can be harvested from light and strong parts inside which laid feeds — cavity insulation. Collect on the frame — a designer. And ecosphere home-estate for a family, if desired — apartment buildings. And the period for which they will be fantastic, and the price — is ridiculously low. And all because there is a total rejection of the concrete. Him from doing what? From arhidorogogo cement. Manufacture thereof requires huge amount of energy and human labor. In addition, lime, no way of making cement, is not everywhere. Somewhere it is necessary to extract the raw materials for cement, then to make it in the big factories, to bring to cement factories for the production of reinforced concrete structures. Can you imagine, what it costs? When the limestone has to break in Novorossiysk, and then dragging it to Moscow at the plant, and then drive back to cement …
But the clay for ceramic construction is anywhere in the world. In any place Russia, Africa, America, Asia … Technology Popova allow cheap enough to produce durable ceramic design almost anywhere. With these technologies, can be turned into toys now dying of native Great Russia — Vladimir, Suzdal, Uglich, Myshkin, Novgorod and Pskov. And that in the Far East, Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands with can be customized!
Imagine the magical city of homes. Houses, single-family estates, decorated aprons, pleasing the eye-tiled roofs. They are surrounded by gardens and green groves. The air is clean and transparent. Stirs your leisurely Russian rivulet of water. Among the groups of houses rise up high thick tower six meters in diameter, similar to the factory chimneys. But are not coming down any wisps of smoke. This is — wind farms. Inside them forever moving air creates a link — and it turns placed in the horizontal turbine towers. Houses receive electricity and heat without consuming a single gram of coal, not a drop of oil or uranium crumbs or cubic meter of gas. It laid the eternal home of communication — pipes made of basalt fibers. They are able to serve as many centuries without change and repair. Darovoe electricity supplies carbon heating elements in bright and spacious homes — and in them warm in winter. And in the summer there is a pleasant coolness. Sewage and wastes are cleaned, processed in special facilities with the help of bacteria …
— This is — our, Russian technology — says Popov. — They at times by orders of magnitude better than Western ones. This applies to the construction and finishing materials. And the life-support technologies. However, energy, water purification and disinfection, too …
He says you have to use construction techniques of our ancestors. After all, they never drove building materials farther than ten miles. That every family in Russia should be able to build a comfortable home for just one season.
— It is necessary to use the "pasture" materials. Earth, sand and clay, — said Popov. — Or alumina. From all this we can do the materials in the construction of the most profitable, and most importantly — in operation. People ask me: "Your pipe is more expensive metal?" Maybe it is more expensive to fifteen percent — twenty. But the steel pipe will have to change in a few years. And our tubes of glass, basalt and ceramic blade will serve virtually forever. Five years at the least. They do not have to patch and move.
In the end, it will cost five times cheaper. The road from basalt fabric is durable as well as the old Roman road. It will last for decades without any repair …
Popov and his colleagues have invented technology grinding clay (and other materials) to a particle size in one — three microns instead of 1-3 mm as a brick factory. Handy unique permanent magnet electric motor that provides speed to 28-30 thousand revolutions per minute at a meager flow of electricity. With these motors are made unique mill. You can chop up the substance and the fraction of fifty angstroms, a thousand times smaller than a millimeter. The unique permanent magnet motor with two rotors that rotate in opposite directions, made in 1993. It became the basis for a miracle mills. It made a wonderful and direct drive circular saw to cut the material the two disks that rotate in opposite directions. Watching footage of an educational film. All saw cuts like a knife oil. Here it is compared with conventional "grinder". Lord, as the latter is slow compared with the unit popovtsev! And it turns out like a polished slice. No gears — no loss of power, as in the conventional technology. When the motor is five kilowatts lost in the gearbox — for the sake of increasing the speed of rotation — half the power. And even more. Not such a Russian electric motor brushes and windings. He works with a guarantee of maintenance-free service life of ten years.
— By combining these technologies, we reduce operating costs to almost nothing — says the architect. — Imagine: you do not have time in ten years to repair the house. It is not necessary every three years to shift the pipe. It is not necessary every three to four months to change motors. In the industry, these engines would give the reduction of energy consumption in the four or five times. Each of our technology leads to the strategic objectives of the state. Energy conservation? Of course. On one machine shop — a few thousand electric motors. If you take the big city and there engines are several times more. Millions of rubles every month to pay for the kilowatt-hours that they devour. Who? Here we are all used to scold red Chubais. Well, okay, he — byaka. And who are we then if we do nothing? We tried to work with the Energy Commission of the Central Federal District, to show them our engine. Impressions of this committee, we are such that no decent words vyskazhesh …
By implementing these engines, we get a very different cutting and machining tools. Quite different pumps! The engine in three kilowatts of power — a weighty piece of 15-17 kilos of weight and thirty centimeters in diameter. Our engine of the same power assembly mounted in the housing "circular saw" — 110 mm in diameter and 220 — in length. He works from a 24 volt battery for three hours without recharging. Please go to Russia for them — and it will get a huge reduction in the flow of not only energy consumpti
on, but also the materials. With the growth of productivity. With that, people to work with such, for example, saw a much easier — health does not deteriorate. Does not turn a person into a patient in fifty years, and can work up to eighty.
Thanks to these engines, people not only maintain health: they can build for themselves "Porcelain House" out of local materials. Nothing needs to drive a distance or import. Need lining? Here it is ceramic. It has no analogues anywhere in the world. She can be given the strength of the brand in 2000. And you can and 150-200. In this case, it is not lit, perfectly insulates heat and do not miss the sounds. Do not fall off, like all foams, foam rubber. Energy consumption for ceramic design is half that in the production of bricks.
Ultra-mills — two coaxial drive spinning at an incredible speed towards each other. Between them is filled any material: clay, sawdust, corn. The material itself is accelerated to incredible speeds and the particles begin to granulate each other. A speed — about 50-60 thousand revolutions per minute for each drive. Discs made of a skeleton, and therefore do not wear out. One day, someone tried to steal the team Popov supermelnitsy technology. He tried to organize their production in the factory. But he did not have a skeleton — and because the resulting mill worked on the strength of ten minutes: it "millstone" could not withstand the load. Priests as machines run long and reliably.
Ultra-mill allow of any Russian clays to make a first-class faience. Europe we no longer need — do though building construction, plumbing though. You can make healthy, without any chemicals clay textured floors. Heated, for the capillaries within them can let the warm air. In a house with such floors go barefoot all day — do not catch cold. Take a bath in this pool. The heating tape with a thin carbon deposition will provide you with warmth meager cost of electricity.
Skeleton itself can rightly be considered a material with a huge future. It is electrically conductive, outperforming this index copper and silver approaching. It expands slightly upon heating. From the skeleton, according to Popov, you can do almost eternal bearings. Today, when we lost the Soviet powder metallurgy, which offered a great metal for bearings when Russia is dependent on imports, the skeleton becomes the salvation for the bearing industry.
No chemical processes Popov and his friends do not apply in principle.
Here he shows visitors their keramobloki. Batters over them with an iron rod.
— Clay — my favorite building material. It was used thousands of years ago, and will be used in the distant future — says the architect. — There is no production of solid brick masonry stupid! Thanks to our technology, achieved thanks to the strength of ceramics we do curly designs with a perforation of up to 90 percent. That is, the construction we can replace our ten bricks one keramoblokom that the mass is equal to a half of all the bricks. You see what savings! We extruding our stuff vitrified it. It is dry. We collect the home of the 10 — and 20-brick blocks. We do not need any solutions or concrete. Keramobloki have a perfect shape, tightly adhering to one another …
Ceramics, says Popov, allows to build a beautiful home with curly ornaments. Destroyed by wretchedness, simplification of the current building, which leads to the impoverishment of thinking, the withering away of the sense of beauty. Ceramic house — a beautiful arch, trim, windows and window sills. "The cost of beauty can not be redundant. Our ancestors lived in beauty — and we have to live that way! Our world has to stand on the knowledge, love and beautiful "- likes to say our" clay magician. " It shows the mosaic blocks of delightful colors for decorating homes. They possess strength mark 700 and 900 units. Manufacturing technique was prepared in the late 1980s. But to this day remains unknown in the country.
All elements of the "Porcelain House" exceptionally high-strength: and the foundation blocks, and facing, and the actual "bricks." Houses made of this material have zero water resistant and do not freeze.
Sound environmental cleaning system. Our counterparts shows a porous material. His populate certain bacteria culture was placed in a container of two to three cubic meters. Wastewater-manor house get there, and for a day organisms is purged. Further water can be used for a pool for local irrigation and even — in further treatment — as drinking water. Well, need the services of huge, centralized systems — urban "water utilities." If we apply this technology in the current big cities, the size of treatment plants can be reduced considerably.
— We learned how to dispose of all — smiles Popov. — For us there is no concept of "waste." One of our wise men developed the technology of road construction waste. Sandy loam, loam, sand, slag and ash that we are billions of tons of acid and alkaline plums — all goes to the cause. And the output is a material that does not lose with age and increases its strength. The roadway is placed on a special substrate — reinforced, flexible mesh made of basalt and glass fibers. They do not rot, rust, susceptible to induced currents. Because such roads overweening Russian heavy climate.
— Technologies we have accumulated so much that their introduction is not enough for three lives — with a touch of sadness smiling architect.

Anthroposphere magician

— Everything you have seen, taken together, creates a superior technology — the technology of healthy life in your home! — Urges Vladimir Popov.
In fact, he and his comrades technology creates noospheric urbanization. All for building a healthy, harmonious communities of tomorrow. Those that are designed to save the Russian civilization from destruction in megapolisnoy impasse. Those that breathe new life into Russia.
In his house you will not find hot water pipes and radiators. Everything is based on thermal tapes and pipes in carbon elements, hidden behind pictures on the walls.
— We have a unit that I dream to implement. We called it the "heat transformer." This strategic expansion turbine technology will change the life of any home — says the architect. — Our ancestors did centuries ago put the stove in the basement of a small towers or in the basement of the church, and expense heated the entire tower or temple. The hot air from the stove on the system of capillaries to heat all the space. We are based on our high speed motors made the model with very unusual impeller and heat exchanger. Taking the air from the street, runs through this unit — and with a kilowatt of power our cars get two kilowatts of cold with temperatures down to minus forty degrees and three kilowatts of heat with a temperature of up to one hundred and fifty. Here's a once and a refrigerator, and heating. A size of the unit — two millimeters in diameter and two feet in length. Let's try to compare it with the foreign household air conditioner … There is no condensate, our system does not. In the summer it can be put on one end of the street — and to cool the house. In the winter — on the contrary, to heat. And a fridge in the house is no longer needed …
Popov said that his team has a generator and a "whirlwind." In fact, the basis of gratuitous power plant. Imagine a pipe with a diameter of six meters and a height of ten. Inside, at the expense of the natural draft of high-speed rotating turbine. "Pipe" provides a current capacity of 15-20 kW — that's enough for any estate or farm, without spending a single gram of fuel and does not pollute. So if there is a wealthy investor who for the Russian offensive — he could be one of the fathers of the free energy. Which no Chubais did not need any "Gazprom" — poboku. Down with the power lines! For mo
st appliances do not need more voltage 24-28 volts.
Ceramics — is not the only miracle material. Popovtsy engaged and wood. According to them, there is simply criminal to take out of the country's raw, untreated wood. Made of wood, they are doing it, too, that opens his mouth in surprise.
To get started you need to dry the wood. But what is the usual dryers? They dehydrate the wood for a long time, with huge energy consumption. But our noosphere magicians have managed to build your dryer: a cylinder with a diameter of 3.2 meters and a length of seven meters. She digged into the ground vertically. Immediately ensured the safety and convenience of the process, saving on insulation. This device is used the same "heat transformer." Dryer Double chamber with a "redeployment cycle": freezing — heating. Unit itself has interesting properties: for each kilowatt of power it has 280 cubic meters of air per hour. Because of this tree is not dried out, and the inside: moisture is sucked out of the capillaries of wood. It is reduced in volume to a maximum of fifteen percent, but leaves the drying unit dry, dense quality pictures. There are no microcracks: because in contrast to the usual opening of drying the moisture inside the wood breaks. Strength is increased by 50-80 percent.
Bezothoden process: it is not fed into the unit finished boards and beams, a tree trunk, butt. And then from the treated wood sawing, such as the board. What? Yes, all the same super high-speed double disc saws that give polished sections and a minimum of sawdust. It turns solid savings in cutting, grinding and wood jointers. Few waste grind on supermelnitse getting high material homogeneity. Do then chipboard: super dense, nerazmokaemoy, durable. (EAF popovtsev 80 percent stronger than usual.)
If today the drying chamber of the European production volume of twenty cubic meters of heating is only 350-400 kW of installed capacity, the priestly thing — only 25 kW. If in the first drying lasts from seven to thirty days, in our miracle — no more than one day. You understand what savings will be, as far as the cost of construction falls. You can build a massive scale, using a tree. Especially where we need to create centers of growth: in Siberia and the Far East.
But the fiber of silica. Excellent substitute for dangerous human lungs glass. White, fluffy cloth. Excellent thermal insulator and finishing material. In its thousands of cubic meters popovtsev buy consumers in Europe and the United States, but not in Russia. Son Popova Stoned silica cloth kiln. It seems to be just dvuhsantimetrovy layer, but what is the effect? Inside the furnace — the heat of 1,100 degrees, and on the surface of it — only fifty. Chiseled this wonderful material (layer of a centimeter) ceramic houses Popov — and they are not afraid pyatidesyatigradusnye frosts.
A fabric made of basalt and glass fibers, which shows Popov? Created a huge range of such. Finishing materials, any kinds of nets for construction instead of rusting metal netting. Lightweight, flexible and durable. A tube of glass — and basalt fiber? They have learned to do popovtsy diameter of 3.6 meters. Pipes are made for a specific task. Need a drain pipe with a relatively low strength — please. Needs of the pipe under high pressure (to pump gas, oil, antifreeze though!) — It will do more layers of fiber winding and equipping a solid lining. And no rust, corrosion. These tubes are practically forever. Unlike plastic they have no internal stresses. With these tubes future settlements Russian civilization will receive sewer, water and "thread" for the oil and gas industry that can operate for decades without maintenance. As the water pipes of the ancient Romans. We will not have to hassle at all the millions of tons of steel and a lot of expensive human labor.
A carbon-fiber materials (CFM)? They — great heaters. Cheap and safe, low-cost electricity due to the very high heat. With their help, you can make cost-effective device for heating the ceramic and wooden houses. And be fed them — from the "pipe"-wind power. And — down with Chubais and his generation and distribution companies! A lot of money is released to strictly struction of a new life. We save them in order to spend for the birth and upbringing of children, science and creativity.
Heating elements popovtsy make even the shoes — in the form of insoles for military jackboot heated from the "finger" batteries. But the cord length of ten meters. Consumes 150 watts of power while warming up to 80 degrees. You can entwine them any open tube connected to a low voltage source, and do not be afraid that the object will freeze.
Carbon tape, says our noosphere magician, — the material the day after tomorrow. Can be made from carbon materials having shape memory. Moreover, not only for construction. For example, the natural bone substitutes in surgery. (For example, to create artificial joints and vertebrae.) Was even successful experience in creating carbon (shape memory) IUD. The one that did not require surgery, and no pressure on the uterus. Even the test failed, taking volunteers from the "risk groups" — students of the St. Petersburg University and the local prostitutes. Gave them to test the product for four months. Asked to write reviews and return. Reviews, all written, but returned to the spiral of two ladies. The rest left them yourself.
Popov takes off the table elongated rectangular box ionizer. It is also used carbon cloth. Consuming 120 watts of power, this ionizer is placed, say, in the kitchen window. And then the dust in the house does not get, and cooking "fumes" is removed.
Popovtsev technology allow you to do the rubber for the manufacture of means need not a single gram of soot. And what is black? To get a ton of itself, it is necessary to burn ten tons of oil. A black rubber popovtsev instead uses natural mineral. (What — the secret creators.)
— But now despised cast. Rather, gipsovolokno — continues Popov, holding a white U-shaped structure. — Also excellent thermal insulator. But we know how to make plaster material strength "mark six". It is stronger than many types of concrete, let alone the brick. Give any color of such material — no problem for us. The surface structures, as you can see, almost polished. Trim elements are obtained by the most magnificent: moldings, cornices, window sills. This is the wall that can be washed, instead of the unfortunate Italian tile. A gypsum in this country are billions of tons of …
… I am responsible for the creative teams. I work with many people already for decades. We do not need the income. We need people to build on our production technology and that we have had with them a service contract for maintenance and development of the same technology. We do not need "Mercedes" and villas in the Canary Islands. What is more important: the ability to "sculpt" something new, try it immediately and put into practice. Not breaking technology without disrupting the production line …
In the film, providing me with an architect friend, I even saw a glider equipped with a high-speed electric motors with permanent magnets. Here it is, step back to the old dream of man: the pure elektroletu. Popov wants to build a life in Russia is a completely new way. Or, rather, on the ancestral, forgotten principles, but now with the help of latest technology. Her dream is to build a life in the new settlements on the principles of the old Russian Zemstvo — caring for the people of his region, including an improvement of life in it, with a system of consumer cooperatives.
What is it in fact? Noospheric civilization. The one where they will live healthy and strong, smart and creative people. Where a child's laughter sounds, where the families of three offspring will be at a minimum. Before the eyes of the images stand-cities policies, garden-cities to the natural beauty.
Here, breathe deeply. There are literally drinking the heady air of freedom. Freedom from the power of monster corporations with their smoky factories and power plants. Freedom from gas and oil barons, monopolies, water and sewer. Freedom from the oppressive boredom and emptiness of life in high-rise cities ant. From herds cars that turn into gas chambers mega slow death. Freedom to build a completely different life, bright and creative. What things? The embodiment of dreams and utopian dreams and Orthodox, and communists.
Who is the Popov? The present Chief Designer, generating not only new technology, but a whole new world. Just as the world was once Korolev spawned space expansion. Popov also managed to rally the media and the creators of the key technologies of various kinds. Those that are being folded together and provide an opportunity to build a new world. World-dream. World-tale. Where will disappear completely liberal economic nightmare. Where will dissipate, like a wraith night, the current dictatorship of lawyers and economists, who offer a sacrifice millions of lives and souls to their Moloch of profit at any cost.
With these technologies, we can not begrudge any Finns or Germans or Americans. We are able to almost instantly by historical standards, create your own style of life. The one that is not just as good, and two heads are better than Western. And already in the 2010s.
Today we tomimsya in the Slave Pens — cramped apartments high-rise buildings. Tomorrow we will be able to live in the homes of the future, descended from the pages of a radiant fantasy. To hell with the old construction industry with its cement plants, beasts, with concrete mixers, with huge armies of guest workers and muddy shoals greedy "developers", many months of work deadlines! You go to the same place with your two or three thousand dollars per square meter of buildings! With monthly requisitions for primitive housing! A miracle can be created here and now, in a matter of days and weeks of raw materials, which lies under the feet. To hell with costs in the billions of dollars and euros for the purchase of any import, We will do the — not just the same, but much better. Something that no one else on the planet do not know how. And then look down upon the inhabitants of the western countries: ah, you are living in houses with cardboard walls? Well, well …
Dies of our national inferiority complex. And we will not envy the residents of the Setting Sun, and they give us. We will be the pioneers in the creation of the noosphere civilization.
Spit into the eyes of some who say that the country can not fully solve the housing problem in just ten years. All technologies for this have already been successfully applied. But only the dictatorship of the shoulder to make what will save Russia — urban planning revolution.

End of the text

Threat. Information on the fate of Popov and his associates do not. There were rumors that his company has been the object of attack raiders.

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