People with absolute memory. Who are they?

The phenomenal human capabilities do not stop to amaze with the variety. Among them are such an amazing and incredibly useful as: absolute memory. Having her personality remember his life in great detail, able to quote verbatim read books and never forget birthdays, names and phone numbers of their friends and loved ones.

58-year-old resident of the United States officially recognized as "a man who forgets nothing." Bob Petrella Los Angeles remembers the dates of all the important events of their lives, phone numbers, and even the conversations he had seen in the accounts of football matches.

His amazing abilities, scientists have learned in the last year in a study conducted by the University of California.

Bob Petrella remembers the date of love with all my friends and almost all conversations conducted over the past 53 years. He first learned of his unusual abilities in school: every test he could have easily done without revision.

Scientists have found that a man has a phenomenal development of autobiographical memory. Only four in the world known such a man. Experts still do not know what is the reason and how to work "supermemory."

According to Bob Petrella, he is always aware of his talent, but did not want to talk about it publicly. According to him, people who learn about his talent, is generally believed that he was suffering savant syndrome (and it usually is associated with developmental delays) or do not believe him.

Petrella himself used to own a phenomenal memory, although it can not explain its nature. "What I remember most things if they interest me, whether it's a sporting event, historical or political dates, or just a day out of my past."

Since the age of five, he remembers the details from 25 to 50 percent of past days. He remembers all the birthdays from the fifth, all of the New Year for the last forty years. Since 1971, Petrella looks Ceremony "Oscars" and can name all the winners from now.

Petrella is able to name the exact day when there is an event, news coverage, remember the account of football matches of yesteryear.

American with a phenomenal memory remembers by heart all the phone numbers of their friends, and therefore does not use the phone book. Having lost one mobile phone, he was able to restore your contact list from memory.

It is curious that the first person with a phenomenal autobiographical memory was also a resident of Los Angeles. Jill Price wrote about me a book called "Woman, unable to forget."

Center for Neurobiology and the study of memory at the University of California studied about 2 million people in the search for people, similar to Bob Petrella. The doctors asked the participants of the experiment 60 questions to answer that could only human, storing past in detail.

42-year-old Jill Price California has an interesting gift — she remembers the events of his life since the age of 12.

Jill remembers not only what exactly happened to her, but what's going on in the world.
It can easily answer what happened on a particular date. Unfortunately, in her memory stores events both good and bad. By this it can hardly be attributed phrase "Time heals".

According to Price, the age of eight in her mind something "clicked" and she began to remember many of the details of what is happening to her. At the age of 12, she realized she could accurately reproduce the events of the past years, and since 1980, her memory is almost flawless and Price can not remember everything that happened to her at one time or another lived it every day of the year.

The memory stores the women not only information about the high-profile and well-known events, which you can learn from books or newspapers, but also information about what she was doing, who met and got off at any particular time on any day of any year, writes Point. Ru referring to the British newspaper Times.

"Today was supposed to be the 22th anniversary of the wedding of Prince Andrew and Fergie — says Pryce — the day my friend's birthday, and he was presented with a huge bunch of balloons. He absolutely did not want them, and gave me the ball. And then I went to visit a friend who worked at the Hard Rock Cafe ».

Jill lives in a world where there are vague memories. Her answers to questions abound with details that it produces in large quantities and without hesitation.

"It was like someone from his childhood, he shot every day of your life on video — says Jill Price, in his book" The woman who can not forget "- day after day, to then record the footage on the DVD. And now you're sitting in a room and watch these videos that are played at random player. "

Also Jill is unable to "edit" their memories, so all the painful and unpleasant events that have occurred since her teenage years, spoil her life. The problem is that the memories are accompanied by all the emotions that she experienced at the time. Not surprisingly, Jill feels hostage to his memory.

56-year-old Brad Williams, lives in the town of LaCrosse, Wis., and works in the information service of the local radio station. Work does not require him to excessive force: Williams could be called any date, and he tells in detail not only how he lived that day, but also what was happening in the world.

What it is — to remember all my life …

The possibilities are endless memory. It is believed that an adult can remember from twenty to one hundred thousand words. There are people with a phenomenal memory. Alexander the Great could remember the names of all his men. Academician Abram Ioffe knew by heart the entire table of logarithms. Mozart was enough to hear a piece of music once to execute it and write down on paper. After listening to "Miserere" Allegri (9 parts), he was able to write from memory the entire score of the work that was kept in the Vatican secret.

At the second hearing Mozart found in its records only a few wrong notes. The same musical memory possessed and Sergei Rachmaninoff. Conductor Arturo Toscanini remembered every note of the 400 scores. Winston Churchill knew by heart almost all of Shakespeare. Dominic O'Brien of Great Britain was able to remember the location of a shuffled deck of cards in 38 seconds. Bill Gates remembers he has created hundreds of codes programming language.

California scientists suggest that in the United States and around the world and other people living with absolute memory. Researchers searching for them in order to gather as a large group and try to figure out what the structure and physiology of the brain in these individuals is different from "normal." This information may shed light on the nature of many diseases associated with impaired memory, and to help determine the fundamental mechanisms of the brain.

"On any day of the last 53 years, I can not say exactly where he was, that passed in the news and what it was the day of the week. And since the age of four. I do not have a method, and I do not rely on mnemonics. To answer the question of what happened ten years ago, for me as easily as remember what I had for breakfast.

As a child, I did not realize that this unusual — to remember everything that happens in life. I thought all that they can. The first time I connected the date and recollection in his fourth birthday. And since then, if I wanted to remember what day it was or that event, I mentally imagined the calendar this year and leafed through it in your mind. I had developed a child — to two years already knew how to read — but no programs for gifted children was not there, and I was in a very ordinary school.

After graduation, I worked as a news presenter on the radio, and the absolute memory is very handy to me when it came to interviews and collecting materials. In Trivial Pursuit (in the Russian version of the game "Lucky break». — Esquire) I will be hard to beat.

Five years ago, my brother Eric learned that the University of California professor of neurobiology James McGough is conducting a study of mechanisms of memory. After many tests, I was recognized as the first person in the world with extremely high precision of autobiographical memory syndrome — gipertimeziey. Since then, gipertimeziey were discovered 20 people, but as they say, I have a better work "system recovery": I do better than others, obtained the right to get out of the archive.

But the feeling that the brain is full of information, I have not. I learned to keep the information accurate. When I think of something sad, I'm doing the same as everyone else — I try to get away. And I do not think that memory is preventing me to do this or that I feel more acutely than others. I remember the day when there was the grandfather — April 29, 1968 — and the sadness that I felt the day before his death, when we visited him in the hospital. But I also remember that the premiere of the musical "Hair" on Broadway was held on the same day, and these memories arise in my mind at the same time. I can easily remember any ordinary day. Many people remember what they were doing on September 11, but for me every day — as of September 11. 23 years ago my brother and I were driving in the car and played in the word, I still remember them: fish, watermelon, a tooth, a drum … Name me any date, say, 26 December 1962, and I will tell what happened that day . We were at my grandfather's farm, and I can still feel how cold feet tiled floor, and I remember the smell of wood burning in the oven. Now I do not even have their own radio broadcast called "Who's Brad," during which students can call and ask me about any day.

Ever since people found out about my abilities, they often ask what happened on the day of their birth. Sometimes he does not particularly stand out and I'm telling you all sorts of interesting facts about the previous or next day.

Sometimes, people get annoyed. They think I'm too noshus with his memory. I try not to engage in debate, because I always find myself right, and it does not add to the popularity. And when people make the mistake of fact, I'm in no hurry to fix them. Not that I know everything. I am invincible when it comes to the facts of a direct relation to me, or the events that I learned of the news. But I'm pretty easy to catch if you ask about something that does not interest me.

Now, when I was declared the man with the abilities I worry that the memory has become not what it used to be. Maybe it's age. Or maybe I just spilled? It's a shame to turn from Mr. Google to a person who does not remember.

Despite the incredible memory I often lose my keys. To find them, I can not, but, unlike the others, I can not remember exactly what day it happened. "

Removed tooth — lost memory

According to The Guardian, according to one of the North Korean websites Kim Jong-il had such a great memory and ability to concentrate, which did not dream even the greatest minds of the revolutionary socialists. Website says that the president of North Korea could cite without flaws full biography of the soldier never forget phone numbers and could memorize the computer code.

"At one meeting in 2002, Kim Jong Il hit his officials, blurted out their phone numbers at lightning speed. '"

"The leader of North Korea once said: Human memory is getting better, if you frequently use the brains." "

Another celebrity has a phenomenal memory, a famous Hollywood actor Anthony Hopkins. "My brain is designed in such a way that I can quickly memorize any numbers, and calculate what day of the week was this or that date, — says Hopkins. — For example, June 28, 1999 was a Tuesday. June 28, 1955, too, was a Tuesday. That same year, the first time I went to acting class. It was October 3, Monday. It is a pity that I do not use this talent. It is simply no place to apply! "

And, in the meantime, a professor of the University of Umea in Sweden Begdahl Yang came to the conclusion that central to our memories are … teeth!

"Japanese scientists were the first set of memory dependence on the number of teeth by conducting studies in monkeys and rats. Animal experiments have shown that, pulling out a tooth, the doctor cuts off the nerve that passes into the brain, "- explained his discovery Begdahl and presented the results of experiments on human beings."

The study involved 1,000 962 persons aged 35 to 90 years. As a result, it was found that removal of the molars in humans as well as animals, worsening memory.

Now the Swedish dentists will spend more detailed study and determine how tooth decay, tooth extraction and implantation of artificial teeth affect in any way the memory of man.


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