Petitions to change the measure of restraint Paul Seviarynets transported to court

Investigation Department of the preliminary investigation the city Department of Internal Affairs of Minsk Executive Committee forwarded to the court of Minsk Condo petition to change the measure of restraint for the prisoner to establish co-chair of the organizing committee of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Pavel Seviarynets.

Paul Sevyarinets found in the KGB detention center. He is accused of organizing activities that breach public order.

April 4 members of the organizing committee of the BCD in Minsk sent from the main post office in the city prosecutor's office of Minsk 127 petitions for change of measure of restraint Seviarynets Paul, a prisoner in the KGB detention center. Another 31 signatures were collected in Bobruisk. The application indicated the members and supporters are asked to change the BCD preventive measure on his own recognizance and paruchayutstsa that Paul Seviarynets not be hidden from the investigation, the press service of the BCD.

The representative of the Investigative Department said that in connection with the transfer of the case to the prosecutor for the direction of the court, "a collective petition to the court Condo district of Minsk for consideration and inclusion in the materials criminal case. "

"In connection with the escape abroad ex-presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich and journalist Natalia Radin, who were released on bail, we personally intercede for Paul Sevyarinets because we believe that Paul will not run away, but as a sincere Christian, courageous and spiritually strong man will take his martyr's cross to secure the release of not only personal, but also all over the country, "- said the coordinator of the organizing committee of the BCD Minsk Irina Logvin.

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