Photo report from the Chernobyl zone

April 26 marks the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy. In the border zone of the radiation is a lot of villages and towns, of which the people had to move out. But to this day there are people.


In view of the unfinished 80 years Strelichevo town, a few kilometers from the radiation zone.




Strelichevo, in the 86th year all residents had be evicted, most left, but then the place was inhabited in including Russian-speaking immigrants from Asia.


Children played on the school football pitch.


At a local school.



One of the local streets.


Abandoned and unfinished buildings.


Stadium was not needed.


View from the remainder of the building.




These places have been left in '86.


A few kilometers from Strelichevo. Radiation area.


Memorial cross on the spot where once stood a house, village Rud.


Among the few remaining houses zhuvuts families.




Village Rud.


The remaining house in Khoiniki area.



Hoinikskii area.



Part of the village of Bragin district is also considered uninhabited, the current residents returned after evacuation. Autobench products they deliver.



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