Pilot Alexander Zagorenko. My encounters with UFOs

Military pilots have repeatedly talked about their encounters with UFOs, but only after leaving the armed forces. And now, another interview with a man. Meet Alexander Zagorenko — a former combat pilot.

Military service, Alexander held in the South, the West and the far north (the island of Novaya Zemlya). He flew the Su-27 flown several thousand times. In the air, in fact, with Alexander and there were most susceptible meeting with the "uninvited guests."

— Alexander, how many times have you had to meet with the "unidentified flying objects"?

— In the Baltics, for 6-years old happened to me one event (which is also written in the newspapers of the city of Kaliningrad), and the New Earth UFO met four times and this for 3 years! But it was with me, and similar happened to me and after. Also, one contact was in the Ukraine. I'm asking myself, why in the far north that number was more? Maybe they're flying more often?

— During Soviet times, the pilots were categorically forbidden to spread the so-called "rumors about UFOs." You are not faced with such a censor?

— So, while we do not recommend to discuss such events, moreover, warned, "that the hospital wanted? There will test you, ". This is when I told the two pilots, so I preferred not to dwell on his observations.

— What kind of cases of encounters with UFOs shocked you most?

— The most mysterious cases occurred on the island of Novaya Zemlya. Remember: training flights, cloudless, polar night. We worked through the interception (working together — "each other"). I have heard from the pilot — "a stranger on the course!". In military jargon, "outsider" — unplanned object in the work area. Ground facilities guidance on indicators of the label was observed. Received command to stop the job, all the gate to avoid collisions. When we "sat on the ground," I went up to the pilot and asked him what happened. He told me that he is straight ahead, and he appeared to accompany him. Type of object — a triangle (as he put it — "iron"), with each corner of which came a bright glow, rays. And after that, it summoned and asked to keep silent about what he has seen!

Before I came to the island, there was also a non-trivial event. In the daytime, at low altitude over the military town … cigar-shaped flying objects! Visibility is ideal, complete silence (no sounds of engines). Children, wives of servicemen "poured out" of homes to look at it. I talked about it later, as well as pilots and their wives. Interestingly, the flight at that time was not, and no one on duty level was raised. The command post marks on the radar indicators are not observed. There was no panic, well, flies and flies. Once reacted calmly to it.

There, on the New Earth once in the afternoon I was on duty. Begin training flights. Sent a scout to determine the weather conditions flights. Scout weather reported lower edge of the cloud 600 m, the upper edge of 4500 — 5000 meters, visibility is excellent. At this time, the CP (command post) announces the alert. I sit on the plane (with full ammunition, missiles, etc.) and turn on radio to listen to the situation … And then at the command post on the indicators locators mark appeared at an aerodrome without authentication (ie, did not respond to the request, "his — a stranger "). On the label started looking spy plane, and I was kept on the ground for more serious problems. So, the goal of 20 minutes of maneuvering and diamonds, and then walked away with incredible speed. The pilots did not see the purpose as was done in the cloud … Then I called the officers at the command post, they, too, could not understand anything. Over the airfield goal behaved like a helicopter, then hovered, then moved at different angles, and left with the band at an incredible speed. According to their calculations at that speed do not fly (5000 — 7000 km.ch.) at medium altitude.

— And what happened to you in Ukraine?

— And in Ukraine, and quite happened to me a strange story. It was in 1980 (when I was 17 years old) in Dnepropetrovsk, the second half of the day. I was standing on the balcony (11th floor) and talked with the neighbors (the balcony). And then on the right side came flying ball, it flew over the river. Dnipro. Flight altitude of 400 — 600 m distance of 1.5 — 2 kilometers. Speed 300 — 400 km.ch. Bright color, orange-yellow, with a hoop (like the planet Saturn). There was complete silence, can not hear the noise or the motor screws. Visibility was perfect, cloudless. While watching my interlocutors cried — "What's that?" Of course I did not answer it. Then I heard inside "voice" cold metal — "Go look at the clock." I turned and walked into the room, although the sides called me — "where he went, look the same!". I woke up before the clock and ask myself the question — "Well, 12-Th am, so what? '. I went back to the balcony and explain their behavior to neighbors could not.

The country's history, but do not misunderstand me! I am completely healthy! While actively engaged in sports (he was a city champion in Judo and Sambo), flew gliders flying club (had the concept of "ballooning" and aerodynamics). But how to connect this case with common sense? … That's why I did not share with anyone what he saw.

— Have taught you to meet with a UFO?

— The theme of UFO'm serious, not fanatical. There is no physical evidence, but my personal meetings convinced me in many ways! I have the feeling that it was up to me "stick"! Why — I do not know!



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