Pilots bomber WEST worked aerial refueling

Pilots of aircraft parts of the Western Military District worked within the planned flight is the most difficult part of the course — aerial refueling singly and as part of a couple.
The pilots of the Voronezh air base and air group "Monchegorsk" during a routine flight flew to the landfill in the Tver region, where conventional bombing carried out against ground targets and have worked refuel in the air before returning to the airfield permanent base.
Each pilot of class 2 and above must successfully fulfill this element of combat training. At a speed of 600 km / h pilot must get a special bar tanker aircraft in a cone diameter of 40 cm in the air at the same time from one tanker aircraft IL-78 refueled by two Su-24M and Su-34.

Refueling of combat aircraft in the air can significantly increase the time spent in flight, it is necessary for crews to perform combat training missions, as well as the crews who are on combat duty in air defense.

In addition to the in-flight refueling, the flight crews worked for interaction with the group management on the range and tactical bombing. The pilots executed run-up, the detection and destruction of conventional troops and enemy targets on the ground.

In-flight refueling and the use of air weapons in landfills WEST regularly rehearsed bomber crews and fighter aircraft in all parts of the Western Military District.

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