Pilots CVO reflected the massive missile and air attack conventional enemy in the Transbaikal

At the landfill Telemba (Buryatia) completed flight tactical exercise (LUT) with firing Aviation Group of the Central Military District (CVO), who arrived from the airport "Big Savino" (Perm region). It was attended by about 200 troops, a third of them — for the first time.

As conceived doctrine, conventional enemy at night attempted to applying massive missile and air strikes (MRAU), the simulated target missile "Swift" and candlebomb SAB-250-200. Raised in the air crews of fighter-interceptor MiG-31 used for purposes of the R-33 and R-60.

Total pilots killed more than 30 different aerodynamic targets, simulating cruise missiles and enemy aircraft. Management believes that the doctrine massive missile and air attack simulated enemy was successfully imaged.

Today, tactical exercises will continue live-fire anti-aircraft missile systems, calculations S-300PS connection Aerospace Defense CVO also designed to address actions to repel MRAU.

Stages firings pilots and gunners CVO will end on September 21.

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