Pipe and fittings for heating and water Klinger

Austrian company Klinger considered one of the oldest and most of favorite companies producing pipe fittings. Its advantages are responsible for the control properties of its products, an unusual approach to the process of production and constant search for innovations that can significantly simplify the lives of users fittings. It will last "forever" if you put it on the hard fuel boilers reviews in which you can find on the net. Big name in the world of ball valves Klinger Ballostar known for its wide range and a high degree of reliability.

Apart from ball valves, gained huge popularity and other pipe fittings Klinger, used in the heating and water systems, namely the piston slide valves.

One of the principles of Klinger is that all valves produced in their factories, to be completely not dangerous for the environment. This is confirmed by numerous laboratory studies conducted by the company. Klinger piston slide valves are of the highest degree of efficiency. O-ring valve based their highest properties in extreme operating criteria, without allowing this there is not the smallest loss of fluid transported by the pipeline. These valves can be used on pipes with hot water, steam, heat transfer fluids and also with dry gases. Studies conducted slide valves and Klinger are independent companies, with all this, and also created the most extreme conditions, which declares as valid by the manufacturer.

Sliding valve guarantees the total density of the pipeline. Sealing part in it is piston, made of stainless steel. Both sides piston clamped elastic ring, which guarantees the absence of vibrations and oscillations during the passage of fluid in the pipeline. The design of this valve obmyslena makarom that he is able to push himself, using a piston pollution that fall inside him at work.

Gate valves Klinger showed themselves as beautiful regulating device, precisely because of his own design and the lack of vibration piston. In addition, it can be simply converted into a control, with the substitution of the piston.

Sliding valve virtually no maintenance requests. The only manipulation that you want to create during its operation — is grease the spindle. The valve ring which can wear during operation the valve can be simply changed without calling professionals and fuel boilers hard his hands.

In general, reciprocating sliding vane valve — Is the development of professionals of Klinger, who have changed the locking valve head and seat of conventional valves on the piston. This design has a lot of advantages. First, the work environment that runs inside the pipe does not hit the seals — and this helps to prolong their service life. For a slide gate valve seals used a special material — klingerflon — also patented by Klinger. For the production of the body can be used iron, steel or stainless steel. Safety slide valve to the environment also confirmed by the fact that during their production is not used material containing asbestos.

The line widths produced valves represented from 5 to 250 mm, and the working temperature range can be from -80 to +400 degrees. So Makar, they can be used on pipes of all diameters and with the medium virtually any temperature.

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