Pipes Kofulso

Corrugated stainless pipe Kofulso (The title was fixed by the South Korean company KOFULSO LTD, which is the world leader for the production of this type of pipe) was introduced in the construction market of the Russian Federation is not so long ago — the design used for the construction and maintenance of pipelines in industrial and residential areas. Compared with copper and plastic-metal counterparts, pipes Kofulso have a number of advantages that make them suitable for almost all spheres, including the substitution of worn-out equipment.

The advantages of using pipes Kofulso:
• Long service life — tubes of high-alloy stainless steels have an unlimited service life;
• anti-corrosion properties of the material — pipes Kofulso not fear the effect of water on the surface remains deposits;
• The ductility and toughness — Pipelines Kofulso resistant to mechanical damage (water shock). Pipe just bend, taking any form, without the formation of cracks and stress;
• Highest heat loss — this property allows you to use their pipes as a heating element without radiators;
• The pipes are not "thawed";
• Resistant to microbes and mice — on the walls of the pipeline does not arise mold and fungi;
• The ability to automatically compensate for the processes of thermal expansion and contraction — pipeline not afraid of the impact of temperature and does not require implementing measures of compensation;
• Neat appearance — allows you to combine design with at least what kind of design;
• Low cost.
Pipes are installed simply and quickly — for pipeline installation Kofulso not require special tools and fixtures. Construction does not require additional monitoring because they can be laid under plaster, concrete screeds, and different decorative panels.
The field of implementation of pipes Kofulso:
• Water (cool, hot);
• Heat-conducting system (heating, underfloor heating);
• Provision for gas consuming equipment;
• Electrically conductive network;
• Automatic fire suppression systems;
• Telecommunications wiring (communication, computer network);
• Installation of air conditioning systems;
• Laying of pipelines for petroleum products.

Features of operation of pipes Kofulso

Keep uneven stainless steel pipe should be in a dry place, in isolation from other metal items. Need protection from mechanical damage during storage and transportation — reliable package. Repeated bending pipes in one location may cause structural failure. The introduction of detergent can spoil the product.

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