Polotsk activists sentenced to two days in jail

The detained activists yesterday Victor and Alexander Kolesnik Kalintsava Polotsk Court Judge Natalia Derevjanko pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct — obscene language in a public place.

Last night both held in the detention center. After the trial, they were taken to the same for another day.

Victor Kolesnik reported that witnesses in the trial were police officers who were confused in the testimony, because they do not see any process of arrest, neither the what happened before — about a cafe where activists gathered for a cup of coffee.

The fact that they are supposedly cursed, Victor and Alexander Kolesnik Kalinke learned in the police car when a police patrol detained them at the coffee shop and told him to drive to the station. The police officers said the activists detained for disorderly conduct.

Just Yesterday Victor Kolesnik was rejected from the Polotsk City Executive Committee, where he applied for permission to hold a rally on the anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. Out an action activists banned, and Mr. Kolesnik sure that the arrest of two days he was sentenced to Alexander Kalintsavym no accident — that they did not organize the event in Polotsk.

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