Power line Simferopol-Sevastopol was transferred at 330 kV

 Photo source:e-crimea.info

Dec. 27 in Sebastopol Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine Yuriy Boyko opened the reconstructed substation "Simferopol" and "Sevastopol", as well as an upgraded air power line "Simferopol-Sevastopol", which was transferred to the voltage of 330 kV.

Boiko and colleagues congratulated on the successful completion of the Crimean project of modernization and reconstruction of power facilities. According to him, these objects — the station and the line — is the key to safe development of Sevastopol and the Crimea region.

Boyko said that the transfer of an overhead power line "Simferopol-Sevastopol" on voltage of 330 kV substations and reconstruction will improve reliability of power supply of the Crimea. "It's hard to overestimate the importance of the start of today's object because the object makes it possible to develop the economy of the Crimea, to attract investment, to carry out a reliable power supply. That is, perform all of the tasks set by the country's leadership and management autonomy to their region, "- said the Minister.

However, he said that the Ministry of Energy continues to work on loopback electrical power lines across the South coast. "This can be considered the foundation of a reliable energy supply, the foundation of the future of the ring," — said Boyko.

He also noted that the project can increase the capacity of the electrical connections continental Ukraine, Crimea is 100 MW, which will ensure the development of recreational, industrial and domestic sector of the economy of the ARC in 10-15 years.

The Minister stressed that the transfer of air-line "Simferopol-Sevastopol" on voltage of 330 kV will reduce the likelihood of outages consumers reduce power losses in electric networks of the Crimean power system and will facilitate extradition capacity of alternative energy sources — solar and wind power.

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