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Marin Marinov — a nuclear physicist, a respected expert in Bulgaria on anomalous phenomena. In the 60 years he taught at Dubna, often brought to studies of phenomena such as eg telekinesis — moving light objects in space without contact with them, which showed Nina Kulagina: skin or eyes, which had a woman from Nizhny Tagil Rose Kuleshov.

By the nature of thought Professor Marinov — materialist and skeptic. By the way, now the materialist does not mean atheist. As in the children's joke on the claim that the universe was created by God, he replies: "Who created God?" Mind — not something that denies. The physicist is struggling with the announcement until the last miracle of intellectual patron, he takes his bastion, only defeated when the last argument is rational, clear thinking. Colleagues "anomalschiki" often refer to it as nit-pickers and pedantic — however, for a scientist who is accustomed to think correctly, such mellifluous moniker.

During the craze "Barabashka" — playful brownies, the argument sometimes homeowners to mental disorders — Bulgaria also experienced an epidemic of poltergeist.

Professor Marinov, then taught at the University of Shumen. The signal came from the nearby village of Dibich: in the house of the widow's going something unclean. A woman living alone with a girl of ten. On summer nights the house is announced sharp metallic knocks. Widow with "other home" horrified runs out on the street, a daughter, and so is always clogged, too, can not utter a word. Marin astonished residents Dibicha, personal courage, stayed the night in the "bad" house.

Overnight before it all evening inspect the structure. Drew attention to the relative pipe. They were constructed with the "hinge" thermal distortion compensation. In the mountains of contrasting temperature extremes: the day is hot, the nights are cool. Here "hinges" and increase the radius of curvature at night, when a metal is compressed, and enhance sag when noon piping increases.

It's getting cold, usually in the morning, and in the mountains very quickly. Straightening "loop" is accompanied by thundering metal clicks, not very strong, and if the pipes are not "help". Professor has decided to conduct an experiment. Mother and daughter were sleeping in the next room. Once the pre-dawn chill prompted Kiki — the so-called mysterious village in the local "Barabashka" — the professor stood up, walked over to the pipes and began vigorously to "help" them. A deafening crack filled the house, on the face of the mother recited the familiar confusion. A sullen girl cub looked askance at the professor: he revealed the secret of her, stripped the sole means of fighting "friend of the family."

Kulagina reason not to trust more than many other holders of phenomenal abilities. Then looking for the invisible threads with which it pulls on the table matchbox, wine glass or a pen cap. They asked, scrape off nail polish in order to identify the magnetic powder in it. And there was a case suggested placing a magnet in the most secluded place. Although proveryalschiki had previously damaged in mind to suspect that a glass a wine glass can be attracted to a magnet.

Professor Marinov, head of the Department of Physics and Mechanics of Higher Technological Institute in Sofia, took part in the study experience in telekinesis, held in Leningrad Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute. On this day in Kulagina turned brilliantly: pen caps slid across the table as attached. Yielding to temptation general, Marin also crossed the edge of his palm space between the hands Ninel Sergeevny and caps. Well, there is not strung invisible threads — will not be an easy explanation.

Kulagin itself claimed that moves the objects look. "Why did you accompany them with your hands?" — Asked her Marinov. "So I feel better," — she replied innocently.

One physicotechnical assistant realized install near Kulagina hands during a session of telekinesis microphone. Which, however, immediately broke. Procured, the other — it suffered the same fate. Physicists, it became clear that the membrane vibrating in an electromagnetic field, acting shock load that exceeds the tensile strength of the membrane.

Then Professor Marinov suggested the use of piezoelectric transducers, enduring immense power. It is used to measure the pressure of the powder charge in the barrel of an artillery. Piezoelectric transducer is not broke, survived near-hand Kulagina. Due to this it became clear that from them there is a powerful ultrasonic radiation. It creates nevosprinimanivaemuyu human ear shockwave that, apparently, and drives the light objects.

So Marin Marinov dug up the physical nature of telekinesis. However, as a unique woman managed to generate an ultrasonic shock wave, remained a mystery.

Professor Marinov said skepticism most productive in the knowledge of our poorly studied in the world. It should not be, in his opinion, the know-all arrogance. If we are faced with the inexplicable, has the courage to admit his weakness positivist thinking.

This weakness scientist felt every time in the mountain village of Rupite, visiting the famous Wang. So he still does not know she reads the information from the person or still climbed its intuitive consciousness in the future (which modern physics, convinces Marinov, does not allow).

More often than not used as Wang's media man himself. At the first meeting with him easily called the names of his parents, describing his place of residence. Arriving in Rupite on a gray "Zaporozhets" she told the professor: "Out of Order right wheel brake." It was true: when his car spun into a skid, the owner of the Soviet miracle of technology just thought that seems to be his rattletrap already skated his own. The concerns go haywire brake could somehow be present in his mind, that Wang and read his thought.

Much more surprising was given its forecast for the son of Marina. After the flu complication was the guy at heart: no longer close the mitral valve. Recommended operation. Through their contacts with foreign scientists from Canada wrote Professor unique platinum valve with a warranty period 200 years (before the surgery to install such a valve with the patient's written consent to take: after his death, a platinum body is removed from the body for re-use by another patient). Wang said Marina: The operation is not needed in the body of his son has been a positive change. To verify this statement, it is recommended to refer to the professor Chirkova known heart surgeon in Bulgaria. When the light is viewed the Man, the conclusion coincided with the Vanga: it makes sense to wait.

Prophetess already died when it became clear that her prediction was accurate. Marina was the son of a grown man, mitral valve defect compensated.

What allowed Vanga into the future? This puzzle physicist and could not solve.

Psychic Marin likes to compare with the dogs, able to capture the scents weaker background level. We do not know how, but a dog's sense of smell trust. Why do psychics have to suspect duplicity? They too feel so subtle signals that are not given to others.

In the 60 years of the world-famous Rose Kuleshov received from Nizhny Tagil. She was able to recognize the signs and even large print reading through your fingers, and the pictures and texts were in paid envelopes, and the woman's eyes blindfolded. The phenomenon is called the "skin vision." Already this phrase — the essence of the hypothesis by which scientists have tried to explain the effect: that, the nerve endings in the fingers Kuleshova arranged on the principle of visual receptors, are able to perceive the shape and color. Thus, it appears pathological anomaly.

Professor Marinov, are to be included Kuleshova Roses phenomenon, I am convinced that there is no skin of view — in the literal sense of the words — does not exist. However, the facts of "blind" reading real.

Before the next test tagilchanki in one of Moscow's Institute Professor Marinov proposed to change its conditions. Instead of pictures in a light-tight envelope to put a tin plate, consisting of two halves. The junction of these half-filled Teflon — a reliable heat insulator. Then, with the help of sophisticated instruments to create a temperature difference between the two halves of the cans in four hundredths of a degree. Kuleshov easily pointed out what part of the warmer. Hence, the thermal sensitivity of its arms, at least not lower than the Japanese tool.

This result allowed Marinov give another explanation for the phenomenon. Rose did not read his fingers, and distinguishes between warmer and cooler space envelope. Black marks (including letters) absorbs light it reflects the white paper. Due to this, between black and white spots hidden in the envelope sheet there is a temperature difference. Most people are not sensitive to such weak signals. Kuleshov, with its unique teplovospriimchivostyu experiences where black and white where (interpreting these concepts in contrast to the warmer and cooler). That is why it is "read through" just large enough signs, and the usual size of the text is not discerned: too often alternated terms of different temperature, put too fractional thermal sensations in teotermicheskie failed.

This thought Bulgarian scientist came in the late 60's. Why is it a hypothesis — so simple and clear — remained unknown for over thirty years?

When, immediately after the completion of the experiment, he discussed his ideas with Soviet colleagues, he was asked not to make public. It turns out that by the time the Soviet Union had reserved two dissertations on the "skin vision" Roses Kuleshova — one doctor and one candidate. And on the harsh rules of the Soviet VAK, if detected in the thesis blunders evaluation committee had the right to cancel the dissertation defense and deprive it's a degree. Of course, the Bulgarian guest did not become a "pawn" hapless Soviet biologists, found in the eyes of the fingertips.

Loud sensation is not an end in itself for Professor Nikolov. Especially if someone could hurt. Many years passed. Long past the threat of liability for "raw" idea. That is why the Bulgarian scientist decided to unveil its long-standing puzzle.

Daniel Countryman

On the face of impossible 26 (357), 2004

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