Pyramid of Cheops — the ancient radiotelephone

Egypt many years attracts the attention of both scientists and amateurs of adventure. The very existence of the pyramids, which have — that frightening and alluring power over humanity, excites the minds of millions. Many try to raise dust on their existence raid of extraterrestrial origin.

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Scientists analyzing the scheme of construction of the pyramids, came to the conclusion that the structure of their structure is completely analogous to the construction of modern satellite dish. From this it was concluded that the famous Egyptian pyramids — neither more nor less than interplanetary communication system.

For example, scientists believe that the pyramid of Khufu was working on the principle of refraction of sunlight falling through the openings into the pyramid and focusing in a granite sarcophagus. The principle of operation of such a system is easy to explain in modern electronic technology.

The energy flow within walking down the pyramids — a spiral, forming angles of energy. It is at these nodes the cameras where different ceremonies priests, only seven of them. Eighth camera was located on the top of the pyramid through it emitted the most powerful flow, focused in space.

The investigation of the pyramid of Cheops using sonar, which gave incredible results: a pyramid — it's just a roof of high-rise buildings, extending deep into the sand on one hundred thirty meters.

Modern scientists sent a robot in space, inaccessible to humans and found that in one of the tunnels are metal rods bent in the form of loops. And it was the first sensational find of this kind, as previously metallic components in pyramidal structures are not found. Discovery gave reason to believe that the metal rods — part of power system.

Outputs from the mines of the pyramid of Cheops clearly oriented to the constellation Sirius, Orion, Little and Big Bear. With whom humans communicate via such a link?

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