When we smoke cigarettes "Camel", see the pyramids of Egypt. Wonder of the World. One of seven. Each meter pyramid researchers surveyed the punctual, measured and recorded. But questions still remain more questions than answers.

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Why are built these pyramids? How could an illiterate Egyptians more of the 2 million stone blocks (weighing more than 4 million tons), fitting perfectly erect buildings? And what of the mysterious solution was used in the construction? Today, with advanced construction techniques to build a copy of the Egyptian pyramids humanity can not.

And the fact that the surface of the pyramids with virtually no seams at all makes you wonder. In order to equalize to the extent necessary to use a laser units. A calculated centimeter base of the pyramids? Raise questions and transport units. Heavy stone delivered from the quarries to the base of the pyramids.

In the great pyramid of Cheops there is a tunnel about 100 meters, is straight. Cut through at an angle of 26 degrees, and most interesting, as it is for certain that proved torches in the construction were not applied. Well, as you can cut down in the dark tunnel with such precision? Tolerance is only a few centimeters even and millimeters.

And the pyramid is strictly verified by the cardinal. Without deep knowledge of astronomy building is impossible in principle.
Designs Egyptian pyramids are complex. In the present buildings. mysterious and soundly made the ventilation shaft. Obviously, when grinding units used what that machine, unknown to modern science. And perhaps something like modern laser settings were used by Egyptians. In general, the more think about the pyramids, the more questions we face on which to answer is not possible.

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