Rating insolvency: Belarus by 83-m site

Rating insolvency states (Failed States Index) — index, designed to assess the government's inability to control the integrity of the territory, as well as the demographic, political and economic situation in the country. Calculated and published annually by the American Foundation for Peace and the magazine «Foreign Policy».

In this index, compared with the previous state Belarus has not changed, it moved from 82nd to 83rd place out of 177 (the lower the place, the better the situation in the country).

Among the post-Soviet countries for the year Russia (82, 80 — in 2010) and Ukraine (110, 109 — in 2010) has not significantly changed their position, the degree of insolvency decreased Moldova (66, 58 — in 2010), Azerbaijan (63, 55 — in 2010), Georgia (47, 37 — in 2010.) The situation has worsened in Kyrgyzstan (31, 45 — in 2010).

Changed little figures of three neighbors of Belarus within the European Union: Poland (146, 142 — in 2010), Latvia (135, 136 — in 2010), Lithuania (149, 146 — in 2010)

Among the indicators by which to estimate — demographic pressure (determined by the density of the population and the presence of ethnic conflict), the level of emigration, the economic situation, the conflicts in the power structures and elite legitimacy of the state, the degree of commitment to the enforcement of the law and human rights, the risks of foreign intervention in the political and military conflicts, as well as dependence on external financing.

Belarus has a bad score on the legitimacy of the state, respect for human rights and the rule of law, separation within the elite and the risk of external intervention.

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