Raynauds phenomenon, which changes the color of the skin

Raynaud's phenomenon — a rare phenomenon related to the circulatory system.

A significant part of the body color is determined by the circulating blood under the skin. When there are problems with the circulation, the hands can be painted in unusual colors. When Raynaud's disease there is a feeling that a man dropped a hand in the paint.

Process leading to such strange results is quite simple, and was first described in the 1800s. Doctor and writer Maurice Raynaud noticed that the hands of one of his patients at the slightest cold changed color to a specific, clearly defined lines.

Raynaud's disease occurs when some point vessels constrict, impeding blood flow. Often suffer only the tips of the fingers and toes. But there are times when painted area is much larger.

Treat this disease vasodilator that the patient must be taken for life.

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