Regime: all out of the gloom!

"The sun is not just a rose, it flooded the stream and filled the whole world"
Ray Bradbury"Dandelion Wine"

Generally speaking, under the legend that at midnight all the dark forces out of the gloom and start hunting us, fluffy and white — not such a legend. According to the ancient Vedic science, at 12 am the sun is at the lowest point and at this time your body simply must sleep soundly. And who does not sleep, the day after struggling with these same forces of darkness in the form of the common cold, depression, migraine, and other diseases.

Power-time controls all kinds of traffic in the world. Indeed, no power nuclear reactors or efforts of plastic surgeons can not reverse it. Therefore, not to complain about health and beauty, is to learn to respect time.

Biological clocks that run Sun — "Wheel of Time" — force our bodies to work in cycles. If you do not adhere to this cycle — to argue with him, to try to subdue him to their "convenience" — the development of the fast change of extinction.

Before and after midnight

We come into contact with the movement of the sun and the force of time every second of life. At every moment in our body are well-defined processes, which are directly dependent on the phase of the movement of the sun. The whole system works with great accuracy. Smoothly and overlap. At 12 am the sun is just below. At this time, our bodies must be able to maximize relaxation. Summer whether on the street, whether winter, polar night or white — this law applies strictly.

Ayurveda experts believe that for a dream adult needs only 6 hours. Getting the healing time for a night's rest — three hours before and three hours after midnight. In order to live in harmony with the fundamental law of the time to go to bed at 8 pm. In an extreme case — 9. Well, it seems, will have to choose — to be happy and get out of bed on time, or be miserable, but a little more sleep …

Oleg Torsunov — a doctor, a psychologist, a specialist in Ayurveda:

Wake up, owls!

Every living being has their own abilities and talents, "hear" and feel the time. Many people believe that they live in harmony with their life cycle. Example, a person hard to get up in the morning, he considers himself an owl and so finds a job where there is a possibility sleep longer. However, time is still "owl" you or "lark." If you find it hard to get up early — it can, for example, to say only that it is your problem. Maybe even the karmic nature. And not your ideal mode and your "punishment". Be able to overcome it — go to the next level. Can not — and sleep through the whole life. After all, the fundamental law of the time states that the earlier a person stands — those with fewer illnesses and the difficulties he faces in life …

Reliable health

And when you go to sleep and when to wake up? Perhaps this information will be shocking for someone. However, never too late to change your life and learn how to meet the dawn.

Lights out from 22.00 to 23.00

The deepest function in our body a rest before. More superficial — later. Therefore, if you have not gone to bed and fell asleep at this time, you will have to suffer the memory and intellectual abilities. All this, of course, occurs not abruptly but gradually. Therefore immediately notice these processes is not easy. However, if you compare two people one of which is to go to bed early, and the other — too late — the first will always look younger and feel healthier.

Lights out from 23.00 to 01.00

If at this time you have not gone into the world of dreams — suffer your prana — life energy. The next day it appears in lethargy, weakness, loss of appetite, feelings of physical weakness,

Lights out from 01.00 to 03.00

If one of your loved ones likes to sit at the computer or watching television at the time — it's worth bearing in mind that the first to suffer emotional sphere. Appears aggressiveness, irritability, leaves the ability to love, and in its place come nerve disease.

The rise from 02.00 to 03.00 am

Staying up at this time of day indicates high spiritual development. At this time, the activity of the Sun is still weak, and the moon affects us strongly enough. As a result, the mind is naturally in a state of peace and tranquility. However, our mind is very sensitive, so get up so early still not recommended for anyone, except the priests and were discharged from the usual mundane life.

The rise from 03.00 to 04.00 am

If you get up out of bed at this time, do not go to the fridge and, God forbid, do not turn on the computer. This cycle is intended for spiritual practices. So it's time for meditation and reflection on the meaning of life.

The rise from 04.00 to 05.00

It was at this time the land is in a state of optimism. And this time — the most favorable for creativity.

The rise from 05.00 to 06.00

Congratulations, your body's capabilities will win any disease are almost limitless. The moon is no longer active. The sun had not yet active. And then, and more — excellent effect on our memory. All the information that comes at this time — well written as to the level of creation, and at the level of the subconscious. So by saying aloud the thought that you are healthy and happy — to achieve tangible results.

The rise from 06.00 to 07.00

Late in the day, if you focus on the fundamental law of the time. Yet it is not surprising that the head — heavy and extremely sleepy.

The rise from 07.00 to 08.00

You miss your time. Rising from the bed in this solar cycle, you doom yourself to a day at the feeling that you do not have enough energy and strength. Migraine, tendency to excess weight, high blood pressure — it is not a complete list of all the "joy" to be gained from such podzny rise.

The rise from 08.00 to 09.00

You may be the most difficult to "get out of the gloom" and change your daily routine. However, it must be done. After one more scale — a life full of happiness and joy, light bright path that tells you your intuition, and on the other — chronic and intractable disease, disappointment and failure.

Rise after 09.00

Fears, bad habits, aging — this article is not to become a story in the genre of "horor" — just another recall — the later the person gets, the more problems it faces …

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