Remember about Chernobyl — laessya mat

Polotsk police arrested two social activists. A police patrol went to Victor and Alexander Kolesnik Kalintsava near the cafe, where the boys were drinking coffee. They were asked to go to the police station, and in a police car and gentlemen Kalinke Kolesnik found out that they were "cursed."

Victor Kolesnikov said that the just April 25, he received a refusal from the Polotsk City Executive Committee on its bid to share the mourning of the anniversary of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Out an action activists banned, and Mr. Kolesnik not rule out that it was being caused by these arrests. He believes that she and Mr. Kalintsavym detained for "prevention" — that did not prefer to arrange an unauthorized event. Or even to put both activists "on the day" for an administrative offense that is certainly no "Chernobyl" shares in Polotsk happened.

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