Residents of the three countries have seen UFO

September 23, 2012 15:13

Russian scientists have found their usual large meteors.

Very bright "shooting stars" seen Friday night residents of Ireland, the Netherlands and the U.S.. True, they were not like the ordinary meteors flew as slowly, and take them for a spent rocket stages enable the country to the trajectory — from east to west, while the usual artificial objects fall from west to east.

"I saw seven objects — the brightest, flying in front, was comparable in brightness to the ISS, the other, less bright, flew after him, they had a glow yellow-orange hue," — wrote an amateur astronomer Leo Enright (Leo Enright) in a specialized astronomical newsletter. Event, the cat in question occurred in 17.58 Moscow time in the vicinity of Dublin. According to astronomers, the show was reminiscent of the return to Earth of spent rocket stages, if not for the direction of their movement: "… the" train "of these objects moving from east to west," — said Enright. A few minutes before the Netherlands resident Ramon van der Hilst (Ramon van der Hilst), who lives in the north of Eindhoven saw "bright green object flying almost horizontally from east to west." Around the same time, flight unusual celestial body was fixed and American astronomers observing network meteors Armagh Observatory.

As commented "MC" the event is researcher at the Institute of Astronomy Vladislav Leonov, the people of Europe and America were apparently witnessed the flight ordinary car — a large meteor that failed to burn completely in the dense layers of the atmosphere. Such bodies can fly in any direction. Moreover, the U.S. Strategic Command, which Western astronomers submit requests, has not confirmed the story of the falling levels of some missiles.

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