RFs two ways: either authoritarianism or neo-Stalinism

Russia has two options: either authoritarianism or "neo-Stalinism"

The main obstacle to the implementation of the second scenario is the president, Vladimir Putin, says expert

Each year, the pro-Putin voters love to own hero becomes more and more than irrational, magical, not amenable to analysis. Well, as the love of parents. One can not ask the child: "Why do you love mommy?" You can, of course, "press", and the child will "rational" answer, but then probably have to correct it in the next psyche.

The same — and in the case of Putin: less supporters of his policies can give the exact answer that still lures specifically in the actions of the head of their country. And if in January 2011, according to the Levada Center, similar "neznaek" was 16%, in January 2012, the — already 23%, and now — 26%. This fraction of the respondents, who just could not construct than did Vladimir Vladimirovich their lures. Maybe this is the real love? She is always irrational, and sometimes ironic and evil. Perhaps the press secretary of the president, if he happen to comment on the poll would vote in this spirit: it's romantic, and reasonably.

It is more difficult to explain more. It certainly positive qualities of the head of the country most of the respondents for some reason took it a decent experience. As an argument to his own liking to Vladimir Vladimirovich this fact has led almost every third. In general, not much in percentage inferior to other "firm" argument "zaputintsev" that the head of the country — "energetic, strong-willed, determined person": now is the quality of recovered 28% of the respondents. Earlier, it was the leader in the ranking of the positive features of the presidential personality, reaching at other times, and 41%.

In general, a comparison of the characteristics of contemporary media to some extent explains everything. Acts Putin in 2009, when the country still get out of the crisis would be, of course, only resolute and "energetic." The crises of our people in particular does not like to treat them with hypertrophic hate, because it is already accounted for "by independent authorities reasons" to lose their hard-earned savings. And people have virtually flooded with endless television screens epic about how selflessly plow Vladimir Vladimirovich, keeping the economy on the brink. Need to pay tribute to, the propaganda did not only worked in favor of Putin, and just calmed our "partners", which also played in plus the overall situation.

But where will the "determination and will" in the eyes of the people now, when one after another collapsed, so really is not developed, the huge anti-corruption stories? Anatoly Serdyukov and does not hide that in one place beheld all around the consequence of his personality — and consequently pokorlivo ready to sit there. Skrinnik also seems to fulfill impracticable: Moscow believed her tears. Or joy, or in alarm joined the WTO — and here began to think, like them out there to cheat, so take advantage of the benefits, but the economy is not sacrificed. Come up with so far really did not come out, but the land area is already beginning to crumble. Agricultural Bank ordinarily does not want to lend to industry, whose fate in the criteria for membership of the Russian Federation to the WTO was called into question.

Against this background, some determination and will of the president is exactly, but are not as strong. It all comes down to a proposal to study the issue, to find a solution loophole. But time is here — faster opponent, if ally. And you need something else to do with defense and its former minister, and must also meet the U.S. asymmetrically …

And what about those close to Vladimir Vladimirovich capitalists? Really hard to remember all the time is not made good and does not pay back the echoing coin (not only in the figurative sense)? It seems in no hurry. The deal with Rosneft made Vekselberg richest Russian citizen. Perhaps he was grateful for it personally, Vladimir Vladimirovich, perhaps even what may, the more help. But — because that's the case: the relationship with the citizens of a big deal (again according to the same study, "Levada") is considered the greatest sin of the president. Approved if it further, spitting on all the calculations, or else cut the Gordian knot, improve the economy? It seems this issue at the moment decides almost everything.

In an interview with columnist KM.RU recognizable political analyst Pavel Salin commented on the results of a sociological case study of the electorate to the positive and negative qualities of personality Fishing season:

— I think that in fact a long stay Vladimir Putin's rule as it is at once powerful party and its severe vulnerability. Regardless of psychiatric facilities electorate highlights here, or positive or negative personality trait of the president. The positive side — really great experience, negative — the moral flabbiness of the electorate, even priklnnogo from the personality. And specifically, because power Fishing season evenly crosses in his own weakness, and we look now that certain political turbulence that occurs in the country last year and a half.

I think now we can say with certainty that is a harsh media campaign aimed at including individually against Fishing season. In principle, the Russian Federation now has two basic scenarios of future development: first — maintaining the status quo, such Myagenko authoritarianism, and the second — on the development of mobilization "neostalinskomu" type. Lobbyists this second scenario at the moment is very, very influential in the government, and in their interests comes the greatest trimming, squeezing out the power of all those who one way or another connected with the case.

They understand that Putin is an obstacle to the realization of this scenario. Similarly, it is also a target of the media campaign (personally, I have created a flashback), but because he is still president, the first person in the country, with a severe power rear, no one dares to throw him right call. But, nevertheless, it does not negate the constant "probing of the soil", various stuffing, which is under attack including president.

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