Riddle of the ghost car




There are many mysterious stories of ghostly cars, boats and even trains. In England such a vehicle registered ghost police video cameras installed on the roads to identify drivers who violate the rules. It began with the fact that John Palmer found in my mailbox a receipt, which obliges him to immediately pay a fine of £ 60 for exceeding the set speed on a country road. Palmer found that someone's stupid joke, because his car was recently involved in an accident on the same highway and could not be reconstructed. Moreover, the relevant documents to the traffic police had.

A week later, he was summoned to court, where the judge declared Palmer astonished that for refusing to pay the fine, he is sentenced to two weeks' imprisonment, payment of all court costs and fines is now 100 pounds. Having shown previously issued official documents, Palmer was able to prove that there was an error. The representative of the traffic police was forced to admit it, explaining the misunderstanding failure in the automatic camera.

However, a month later, he came again to Palmer speeding fine all on the same highway. He was furious and went to the traffic police, which does not mince words, laid out what he thinks about their technique to strip the drivers. What was surprising poor guy when Inspector scrolled videotape, which was clearly visible to his car with his number, all raced in the same completely empty suburban highway. Also this time it took off another camcorder. As it happened, the police could not explain. And the camera has recorded three times a ghost car until it was butchered for scrap.

13 Secret Power 2004

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