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Who not only wrote about the benefits of fresh milk — Hippocrates, and Avicenna, Pliny and Paracelsus, Chekhov and Pavlov! However, nowadays more and more began to appear publications, questioning the usefulness of this ancient beverage. Whom to believe? The truth, as always, is in the middle …


Milk contains over 200 components necessary for proper functioning of the body. Especially valuable are the milk proteins, fat and sugar, as well as macro-and micronutrients. As noted by the English physicians, each glass of milk, drinks at the age of 25, has a positive effect on bone density in the rest of their lives. In addition, recent experiments have shown convincingly that 1-2 glasses of milk a day are beneficial to the state of the cardiovascular system.

Why should come from rumors about the harmfulness of milk? It is because even thousands of years, we have not learned how to drink it properly. First, do not absorb the "divine drink" gallons — enough two glasses a day, and more lean. Second, remember that milk — a full meal, and not an addition to the main course. That it is beneficial, it is necessary to drink on an empty stomach small swallow, longer holding in the mouth. And be sure to warm up — cold milk interferes with the digestion.

In addition to human consumption, any milk can be used as medicine.

If you are tormented chronic rhinitis, use this tool. Pre-rinse your nose with mineral water. Then in half a glass of milk mix a teaspoon of onion pulp, strain. This composition is instilled into the nostrils several times a day.

Are suffering from kidney stones? 100 g of fresh chopped parsley roots pour 1/2 liter of boiling milk and cook over low heat, stirring constantly, for 5 minutes. Strain. Take three — four times a day for half an hour before meals.

With help abrasions such medicine. In a pint of hot boiled milk, add 5 teaspoons of sugar, and when it cools down — the juice of half a lemon. Curdled milk drink on an empty stomach. The course of treatment — 40 days.

When coughing glass of milk boil with 2 medium onions peeled and then leave for 2 hours. Broth strain and drink warm for 1/3 cup 3 — 4 times a day. Especially shown the drug to kids.

Yogurt, buttermilk and other

Throughout the world, people have long known about quenching thirst, healing and restorative properties of fermented milk. The oldest members of fermented mare's milk and drink is sour, and the youngest — acidophilus.

They all have good protein digestibility and high biological activity. Nutritionists recommend yogurt, fermented baked milk and other milk drinks suffering from diseases of the circulatory system, edema and diabetes.

The most useful fermented milk product researchers believe mare, but, believe me, yogurt is not worse. This is proved not only by our scientists.

This dairy product a positive effect on the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems, improves kidney and intestine. Nutritionists recommend it to recuperate anemia and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Good move to kefir diet and those who suffer muscle cramps. More recently, Japanese scientists have found that yogurt — excellent preventive measure against cancer.

If you suffer from constipation, prepare a medicine. 50 grams of fresh dill and parsley, season with salt and cover with cold boiled water for half an hour. Then wash the greens, pour over boiling water and dry. Fill it with a liter of yogurt, add a pinch of cumin, cover and leave for 12 hours. Take 2 cups of the mixture overnight.

Ulcers in the stomach and duodenum in a glass of buttermilk mix a tablespoon of unrefined oil. This amount is calculated at a time. The course of treatment — 2 — 3 months. Mixture improves metabolism and serves as a preventive measure against atherosclerosis of the arteries and the aorta.

Well proven and yogurt as a treatment outdoors. In the initial stage of mastitis can help the next — in yogurt, spread finely comminuted chalk (to form a pasty mass). Mixture was used to compress. Helps the remedy and the joint pain.

! Unfortunately, yogurt and all dairy products contraindicated in patients with gout, rheumatism and rickets.

Not all yogurts are created equal

Of all the diversity of fermented yogurt, we have identified no accident. In recent hype has done its job, and we are willing to buy overseas product than familiar from childhood yogurt. But is it right?

From other dairy products well, he is no different — the same medicinal properties. And here we come to the main point — to become painfully familiar phrase: "not all yogurts are created equal." Ironically, this is not a publicity stunt. Healing can be considered only "live" yogurt — that it normalizes the bowels and helps with dysbiosis, protects against cancer and improving immunity. In addition, the daily consumption of yogurt can save you from food poisoning. Many doctors recommend a "real" yogurt as an external remedy for thrush. But the product has undergone heat treatment, any good body does not work. Moreover, it can hurt — for example, cause atherosclerosis. By the way, a full yogurt should contain no sugar, no honey, no fruit.

Administered in the diet yogurt babies doctors advise not earlier than eight months. Pre-school, loving this product, dentists recommend brushing your teeth more often, because lactic acid is able to quickly destroy immature tooth enamel.

Food, not knowing bans

Cheese — a real storehouse of nutrients. Its use in food ensures the normal operation of respiratory, digestive, circulatory and nervous systems. It is also useful for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. Cottage cheese diet — a reliable tool in the treatment of malnutrition, diabetes, burns and injuries. It must be present in the menu of people with heart disease and diseases of the pancreas, liver and biliary tract.

Tormented arthritic pain? Prepare yourself for the curd recipe yogis. Preheat liter of pasteurized milk, not boiling. Pour into the pan juice of one lemon and mix. Strain through cheesecloth. Eat every day on 100 — 150, a few days will be excruciating pain.

Help curd and pneumonia. As you know, in this disease alcohol compresses do not. Replace the "firewater" fluid fresh cheese — it warms up just as good.

Contraindications cheese has almost no, limit their intake to only in case of severe renal disease.

Maria Knyazev, healer

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