RUSSIA SENDS reconnaissance ship to shore SYRIA

RUSSIA SENDS reconnaissance ship to shore SYRIA
On a background of suspense outbreak of hostilities in the West against Syria Our homeland sends a scout ship SSV-201 «Sea of ​​Azov» of the Black Sea Fleet to the shores of this country, Defense News reported on September 2.
The ship left from the base in Sevastopol on August 31 and arrive in the eastern Mediterranean, a military source said the agency «Interfax». «The crew will collect intelligence in the area of ​​disk imaging escalation of the conflict,» he added. The source also said that the training ship for the campaign was carried out «in the short terms,» ​​but «Azov Sea» not formally be part of the group of warships of the Russian Navy in the region and will report specifically the General Staff in Moscow.
The source said the General Staff, «we want to analyze the strategy of action states in the likelihood of conflict.» Our homeland is constantly held about four warships in the eastern Mediterranean, producing rotating them every few months. In addition, the area will leave a large anti-submarine ship «Admiral Panteleyev» but the Russian Defence Ministry insist on doing that this is an ordinary rotation, rather than building up forces in the area.
Our homeland has a naval base in the Syrian port of Tartus, left over from the close relations between Moscow and Damascus in Russian time. According to Russian media reports, the Russian Navy znapchitelno reduced its presence on this basis, but it continues to be a very fundamental strategic object, which Moscow refers to as «para-mom Alno technical support of the Navy.»
Moscow strongly opposes plans coalition led by the United States, on the outbreak of hostilities against the regime of Bashar al-Assad in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons Damascus, warning that such acts do the danger of destabilization throughout the region.

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