Russian builders of the Belarusian NPP Chernobyl taught us

Today the Belarusian public to submit heads of all Russian companies that will design and build a nuclear power plant in Belarus Astravets — State Corporation "Rosatom", ASE, AEP. They urged Belarusians in reliability and byaspechnastsi Russian nuclear power plants of new generation. But the independent Belarusian specialists have doubts about this.

The contract for the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant for the Russian companies and the Russian loan has not been signed, the project yet. Only signed an intergovernmental agreement, but the Belarusian and Russian sides demonstrate their belief that the first unit of the nuclear power plant will be built in 2017, and the second — in 2018. The Russian side for 6-9 billion dollars as a loan to Belarus will build nuclear power station and train staff. The first organizational issues have been resolved. Belarus will build the same station, which is now being built in the Kaliningrad region.

Sergei Bayarkin

In the Belarusian society after Chernobyl remains a lack of confidence in nuclear energy. Representatives of Russian corporations in this regard indicate that their advanced nuclear technology, and the principles and systems of nuclear power plant safety — the best in the world. Program director of the State Corporation "Rosatom" Sergei Bayarkin:

"Of the events at Chernobyl 25 years ago Russia made a very serious lessons. Including the participation of foreign experts, who at the time we were criticized heavily. In Russia in 1987-88 he wasand developed the highest standards of safety, which is in the world. "


Mr. Bayarkin very detailed description of the current standards and security Russian nuclear power plants, which, in his opinion, have priority over the Japanese nuclear power plant in Fukushima, affected by the tsunami.

Alexander Dyba

At the Belarusian NPP want to use the new VVER-1200, modified in comparison with those that have been built on Tyanvanskay Russian nuclear power plants in China. IAEA believes that station one of the most safest in the world, according to Alexander Dyba, First Vice-President of the "ASE", which is selected general contractor Belarusian NPP

"Tyanvanskaya station has broken all world records on work in the trouble-free operation. Such a project in the world no. All that we have to Chernobyl. We can tell you that so far we have a serious competence in this area and no-nonsense approach. "

Vladimir Byazlepkin, Deputy Director General Atomenergoproekt that will create a project of the Belarusian nuclear power plant, said that the Russian nuclear power plant developers have participated in European tenders and learned a lot at that:

Vladimir Byazlepkin

"The project we are now recommended for construction in Belarus, one might say, is fully compliant with European producers of energy."

Lithuania has recently shown great concern and the Belarusian nuclear power plant construction, and the Baltic nuclear power plant in the Kaliningrad region of Russia, primarily for reasons of radiation safety. Lithuanians offer Baltic electricity boycott of the nuclear power plants in the future. Environmental fears Lithuanian Russian nuclear specialists believe unfounded. Sergei Bayarkin recalls that Lithuania itself intends to build a nuclear power plant:

"It is clear that there is competition, it is clear that the Lithuanians, not having any at the moment investors without the project, understand that it is very far behind, and trying by various means to prevent future competitors."

Yuri Voronezhtsev

Belarusian independent expert in the field of nuclear technology Yuri Voronezhtsev agrees that the Russian security after Chernobyl NPP really improved. Furthermore, there have started to use electronic western:

"But, on the other hand, how can we talk about the safety of some heavy processing facility, if it is not tested anywhere else? Until now, the VVER-1200 never built. "

Mr. Voronezhtsev implies that the modified VVER-1200 reactors have not been tried anywhere else in Russia, before selling them for export. Assurances Russian atomic scientists in the Belarusian nuclear power plant safety in that case — theoretical considerations, if not advertising, convinced Mr. Voronezhtsev. He did not consider it appropriate to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus, even American or French:

"It is difficult to say what are guided by our so-called leaders of the nation — or rather, one leader, when, in fact, in our territory are building another nuclear power plant, which will then sell the energy for export."



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