Russian Empire 6-10 series watch online

Russian Empire 6-10 series watch online

"Russian Empire"- This film was shot in the capital and 10's trips to the former and the true area of the country. This is a unique place where never before visited camera: from the Polish countryside on the way to the roof of Peter Lofty Hermitage.'s All German towns, out of which Russian empress. places of military glory of the Russian army — from Rome to Beirut — and a place of public disasters — from Sevastopol to East Prussia. Historical funny stories and authentic diaries, unknown documents and letters of the first people of the Empire.

series 6 — Paul I.

series 7 — Alexander Part I 1.

Series 8 — Alexander I Part 2.

Series 9 Nicholas I Part 1.

series 10 Nicholas I, Part 2.

Historical figures, people of destiny

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