Russian human rights activist detained in the Belarusian court

During a break in the October district court of Minsk detained by the observation mission of the Committee on International Control over the Human Rights Situation in Belarus, Ivan Kondratenko.

As the Head of Mission Valentin Gefter, Kondratenko came to security officials in civilian clothes, watched his documents and taken to the police department of the Moscow region.

"Now he has checked the documents. He is a citizen of the Russian Federation. It is not known, due to what and for what reason he was arrested, "- said Hefter.

International observation mission established by the Committee on International Control over the situation with the human rights Belarus, together representatives of human rights organizations and the countries of the OSCE international civilian networks and organizations to monitor the overall situation with respect fundamental Human Rights in Republic of Belarus, as well as the protection of human rights defenders and ensure their professional activities.

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