Russian mechanical engineering. Preliminary results of the year


According to the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry, in January-September 2011, the index of production machinery and equipment amounted to 112% compared to January-September 2010, electrical, electronic and optical products — 105.8%, vehicles and equipment — 129.6 percent.
According to the results of January-September 2011 the index of industrial production machinery and equipment for agriculture and forestry to January-September 2010 amounted to 135.3 percent.
In January-September 2011 tractors for agriculture and forestry produced 10.6 thousand., 2.4 times more than in January-September 2010, crawler tractors — 1215 pcs. (An increase compared to January-September 2010 by 2.6 times).
Increased production of tractors (compared to the corresponding period of 2010) Ltd. "CTP? Uraltrak", JSC "TK" VgTZ ", JSC" Petersburg Tractor Plant "," Promtractor ", JSC" Onega Tractor Plant ", OJSC" Krasnoyarsk Plant Forest Engineering ", OAO" PO "Yelabuzhsky car plant." Reduced production of LLC "Vladimir Motor and Tractor Plant", JSC "SAREX."
The production of combine harvesters in January-September 2011 compared with January-September 2010 increased by 32.9% to 4,728 units. Increased production, LLC "Combine Plant" Rostselmash ", CJSC JV" Bryanskselmash "Company" Klaas ". Reduced the volume of production of JSC "PO Krasnoyarsk Combine Plant."
In January-September 2011 the production of road construction equipment was: excavators — 1458 pcs. (100.4% compared to January-September 2010), bulldozers — 1326 pcs. (2.3 times more).
In January-September 2011, the manufacture of machine tools was 121.9% compared to January-September 2010. At the same machine produced 1802 pieces of metal. (130.1% compared to January-September 2010), machinery forging — 1595 pcs. (119.4%), woodworking machines — 2574 pcs. (97.1%).
According to the results of January-September 2011 production production cars, trailers and semi-trailers has increased by 57.3% compared to January-September 2010.
Production of passenger cars in January-September 2011 amounted to 1258.1 thousand., 154% compared to January-September 2010. Production of cars of foreign brands was 747.9 thousand. (179.9%). Of those businesses operating in the "industrial assembly", produced 531.2 thousand. (193%).
Increased production enterprises producing cars of foreign brands: the group of companies "AVTOTOR" CJSC "GM-AvtoVAZ", JSC "Autoframos" JSC, "Ford Motor Company", LLC "Volkswagen Rus" Ltd. "Nissan Manufakchuring Rus".
The production of domestic models in January-September 2011 amounted to 126.7% (510.2 thousand units)., Including OAO "AvtoVAZ" — 115.7%, OAO "UAZ" 129.1 percent.
Truck production in January-September 2011 amounted to 129.2 thousand., 145.1% compared to January-September 2010. Increased production of JSC "KAMAZ", OJSC "UAZ", LLC "AZ" GAS ", LLC" Volvo-East ", LLC" Sollers-Isuzu ", JSC" AZ "Ural", JSC "IVECO-AMT."
Trucks of foreign brands produced 117 thousand units. (By 71.1% more than in January-September 2010).

Buses in January-September 2011 made 28,1 thousand., 1.5% more than in January-September last year. Increased production of LLC "PAZ", LLC "KAVZ" Company "GolAZ" Company "LiAZ" Company "Kuzbass-Auto". Reduced the volume of buses of "NEFAZ" VAP Ltd. "Volzhanin."
In January-September 2011 the enterprises of transport engineering, compared to January-September 2010 increased production of electric locomotives main (124%), mainline locomotives (124%), shunting locomotives and industrial (134%), railway freight wagons (135,7 %). Production of passenger cars trunk decreased by 8.2 percent.
In January-July 2011, the net financial result for machine-building complex made up 87.2 billion rubles. In the manufacture of machinery and equipment it was 22.2 billion rubles., Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment — 25.1 billion rubles., In the production of vehicles and equipment — 39.9 billion rubles.
The average monthly salary in January-August 2011 in the manufacture of machinery and equipment amounted to RUB 22,340.4. (115.6% of the corresponding period of 2010), in manufacture of electrical and optical equipment — 21,836.9 rubles. (116.2%), in manufacture of transport equipment — 23,818.1 rubles. (119.8%).
Exports of machinery products in January-August 2011 amounted to 15.9 billion dollars., 129.5% of the corresponding period in 2010. Exports to non-CIS countries amounted to 11.5 billion dollars. (145%) in the CIS countries — 4.4 billion. (101.1%).
Exports by the group "Vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling stock, and parts and accessories thereof" (HS Code 87) on the operational data of the Customs statistics, according to the Republic of Belarus in January-September 2011 amounted to 2,296.7 million including CIS countries — 779.6 million
Passenger cars exported 44.4 thousand units, including the CIS countries — 40.3 thousand. The main exporters — OAO "AvtoVAZ", OAO "UAZ", LLC "GM-AvtoVAZ". Freight cars exported 9.0 thousand., Including the CIS countries — 7.5 thousand.; Tractors (including tractors) — 2.9 thousand., Including the countries of the CIS-2 , 0 thousand.

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