Sardinian stone warriors rising from the ashes

February 17, 2012 20:36

Specialists partially restored figures of warriors carved in stone around 2,700 years ago on the island of Sardinia.

The sculptures were broken about five thousand fragments in the middle of I millennium BC. e., that is, soon after its creation. They made life-size and are, perhaps, the elite troops who were accompanied in the afterlife local leader of the Iron Age culture, who lived in the VIII. BC. e. Or just watch his grave.

After eight years, the specialists have restored 25 of the 33 figures of archers, shield-bearer (they were called "Boxer") and swordsmen. Nothing like this in Europe are not yet.

Begs comparison with the famous Terracotta Army of China. Sardinian soldiers are not so many and not so cleverly worked out, but they are 500 years old or older and are made of stone, and not ceramic.

They were made, most likely, the Carthaginians, methodically crushes under her western Mediterranean, while they have not come on the tail of the Romans.

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