Sasquatch does exist


Recently, Russian scientists have reported astounding news that the DNA "of hair yeti" has shown that it actually belongs to an unknown mammal, a close relative of the person. Analyses were made on the basis of the sample found in a Siberian cave during the excavations carried out by an international group of scientists in the past year.

"We were in the presence of 4 hair, after analysis, it was concluded that they belong to a mammal, but not the man," — said Professor Valentin Sapunov of the Russian State Hydrometeorological Institute. Moreover, these hairs do not belong to any of the currently known animals in the region, such as bears, wolves or goats.

DNA tests were conducted scientific institutions of Russia and the United States, after the completion of studies, the researchers reported that the hair belongs to, most likely, a living creature that stands on kinship closer to man than a monkey. DNA of an unknown substance less than 1 percent is different from human DNA. Hair samples were found in a cave in Siberia Azasskoy in the Kemerovo region.

Many people from different parts of the planet to report that we have seen yetis in the past few centuries, but the scientific evidence of the actual existence of the Yeti yet no one has presented. Especially a lot of cases, meetings with the Yeti was recorded in Siberia.

Different people have described Sasquatch same: he was like a big gorilla, covered with hair, walked and ran on two legs. Witnesses believe that it was not a bear or some other well-known to them zhivotnoe.Igor Bourtsev sure that in the Kemerovo region inhabited by not one Sasquatch, there are about 30.

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