SC: The course of 3,800 rubles to the dollar does not substantiated

U.S. dollar exchange rate of 3,800 rubles, which officials call adequate, in fact unfounded. This opinion was expressed in the comments BelaPAN financial analyst Sergei Chaly.

April 22 at a briefing in Minsk Director General of the Foreign Exchange Regulation and Control of the National Bank Anatoly Moroz said that the dollar, which is exposed on the OTC market (over 5,000 rubles. — BelaPAN.) Is inflated. He called adequate course in 3.800 rubles.

A similar thought was expressed on the eve of Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Sergei Rumas. In an interview with Reuters, he said: course Belarusian ruble located in the hallway 3.800-4.100 rubles per dollar. "This corresponds to the current position in which is our economy, "- he added.

Commenting on the statement of officials, Chaly expressed the view that they called the course — "this is pure psychology, a figure on which the authorities are willing to accept, and they want to see." "The authorities are not psychologically ready for a higher level of devaluation" — the analyst believes.

"But the situation quickly becomes complicated: a week ago, the dollar exchange rate on the OTC market was below 5,000 rubles, now — is 5300. Farther will continue This situation, the worse for the economy ", — said Chaly.

Any attempt to limit the rate prevailing at the inter-bank market, counterproductive, he said. "As a result, it only complicates the circuit bypass restrictions and increases the gap between the official and the real exchange rate", — concluded the analyst.

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