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So, you're now a parent student! Congratulations, you now in your life and in the life of your newfound schoolboy big changes are coming.

For a child start school — a difficult test, because it coincides with the crisis of the six or seven years. In addition to new whims, demands, pranks baby poorly themselves feels anxious, worried, feeling a strange inner tension, not knowing what has caused his poor state of health and of experiencing even more. Such manifestations accompany any psycho-physiological adjustment.

Parents are important to understand that this is stress and anxiety lead to fatigue, fatigue and low stress, which makes it difficult to adapt to the school, which is itself a serious stress.

It is easier to deal with it?

  • Kindly and gently child see me off to school in the morning, even if you had a fight the night before. Breakfast should be tasty, if your child has breakfast and if No, let him with a "little baby joy" of those he loves just chew. Let the food is not so much useful as comforting. After high school, feels full of useful and correct.
  • He asked about school interested and do not be discouraged if baby will not talk much at once. This is just fine, he has to learn to describe, summarize and put into words my new experience.
  • If the teacher has a claim to your child, do not unite with him against the kid or mentally, or emotionally. Even if your baby do mischief. With the teacher, of course, no need to argue. All listen, understand, for themselves the point of view of the teacher, and talk with your child at home. Do not dishonor his noisy scandals in school. Remember, at his home to be a reliable rear, a place where he can relax your mind and gather strength for a new day. Houses explain to him what he was wrong, tell us how well it would do.
  • Many children in the first grade are sick — their body reacts to stress, decreased immunity. Do not be alarmed. Disease for the first-graders — and even a way to relax and unwind. By the second year of study usually they will not need so many sick.

Based on the book "The modern child. Encyclopedia of understanding ", Moscow, 2006

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