Scientist: Aliens avoid meeting with humans

February 1, 2012 9:48

Aliens know about us, but do not want to mess with. Photo NASA.

Aliens, if they exist, have long had to make contact with humans, and because of this they have not done so, deliberately reveal themselves. This conclusion mathematician Thomas Hare of the American University of Florida.

At the conference, the Mathematical Association of America expert presented his modest calculations of time, which should be enough for you to accumulate the resources to do all the necessary scientific discovery, to learn the technologies, to leave home world and fly to another star, reports compulenta.

Researchers have shown that even the quietest speed (1% of the light), the spacecraft would get to any nearby lights for some 500 years. Add another 500 years, which could (I repeat, by the most conservative estimations) to leave for the construction of such a ship, and so on. In other words, if in the systems of the oldest stars in our galaxy there is intelligent life, it would be a long time before we got.

— Either they passed or own navels interest them more than space travel — said Haire. According to him, the aliens might deliberately ignore the Earth, because we do not have anything interesting.

— This ancient civilization, most likely, is not tied to biology — the expert continued. — They do not want the land, our water is not needed: in the solar system, where gravity is not so great as it is complete. It is also possible that we simply have no one is looking, and aliens ply the route the long away from the Earth.

Whatever the reasons for us to ignore, there is no chance that an extraterrestrial civilization, if it exists, does not know about us. Hare said that even the most primitive humans have a telescope "Kepler", capable of detecting planetary systems distant stars. We live on a planet about five billion years, and on the inhabited planet Earth just over 10 million years, during which time could appear technologies that only chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere revealed the existence of the people.

As is known, such arguments are not new. Woods Hole physicist at the University of Minnesota (USA) said that people do not really know how on Earth did life, the role played in the development of its case, and certainly not to judge the extent of life in the universe and what forms it can take. Maybe the aliens have long been trying to get in touch, and we do not understand.

Also, all this talk is based on the belief that any form of intelligent life has human psychology, that is eager to find a different civilization and act in relation to it, either as conquerors (as an option — the missionaries, traders) or progressors.

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