Scientists explain earthquakes activation period of the planet

Turkey hit by the third in the devastating earthquake. On the eve of the long-suffering Van province registered magnitude 5.2 tremor score. Previous earthquakes in the region occurred on November 9 and 23 October. In general, the list of victims, more than 600 people.

At the same time the earth goes under the feet of people in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Italy, Indonesia and Haiti. Shakes in the Crimea and in the lake. It seems that the global cataclysm is not such a Hollywood fantasy. But is it actually leading "Russia am"It became the Deputy Director of the Institute of Physics of the Earth named Schmidt Yevgeny Rogozhin.

According to him, all of the above ordinary earthquake. A week in the world they are a few dozen, and it is a normal life of the planet, the expert explained. However, such a massive earthquake occurring on October 23 in Van province — is, of course, is a special phenomenon. And the events that took place after it, it's aftershocks. As explained Evgeny Rogozhin, after every big earthquake about a year in this place shakes, thus, relieve tension in this part of the earth.

"Certainly, in the event there is regularity — explains Yevgeny Rogozhin. — There are large oscillation periods when large earthquakes with magnitude 7.5-9 points occur in a string of a few years, but since they are a remission periods, when there 30 years are not strong aftershocks. And then all over again. "

Yevgeny Rogozhin thus recognized that the frequency of the scientists do not quite understand. Apparently, the motion of the planet in the solar system is some cycles, suggested the deputy director of the Institute of Physics of the Earth. "This issue is not yet fully known by science, but rather an empirical fact," — said the expert.

But we know the main thing — which is about every 50 years is intensifying Earth. And now we are in the period, said Yevgeny Rogozhin. Another five years the Earth will shake, and then, says the deputy director of the Institute of Physics of the Earth, there must come a relatively quiet period.

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