Scientists have created a robot jellyfish

November 27, 2011 3:33

A team of engineers from VirginiaTech a robot named Robojelly (robot jellyfish). The device resembles a diameter of 16.4 cm big floppy eared Aurelia Aurelia aurita.
The robot is made of silicone and artificial muscles of a shape memory alloy that deform when an electric current, said ScienceMag.

In earlier versions Robojelly developers did not consider one anatomical detail of the jellyfish. On the edge of the umbrella is tape, which, by inertia unhesitatingly gives jellyfish acceleration. Experts first tried to create something similar, but using no artificial materials have a tendency to bend. In the end, the researchers decided to compensate for the deformation, making slits in the umbrella robot.

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