Scientists have shown that some can actually see the aura

May 7, 2012 6:50

Proposed neurophysiological explanation of the phenomenon of energy aura that they see those who practice alternative medicine.


Some of the most common "aurovidtsev" — healers and medicine men, allegedly acting on the aura and energy background. These healing abilities can be treated differently, but, according to the Spanish psychologists from the University of Granada, they do see the aura, and the aura has a scientific explanation of neuropsychological.

 According to the researchers, invisible to ordinary people coloring energy can manifest through synesthesia. This neurophysiological phenomenon is characterized by excess formation of interneuronal connections. The signals are beginning to share these areas of the brain that usually do not. So it turns out that one begins to see, for example, the sound color. Synesthesia is common in people who are engaged in art and, apparently, those who practice alternative medicine.

Experts analyzed "aurovidcheskie" abilities of several followers of alternative medicine and came to the conclusion that most of them have at least one type of synesthesia, when an area of the brain responsible for recognizing the exterior gets a connection to the area, to distinguish colors.

In addition, a person may have a mirror synesthesia, when in response to a touch or pain felt by others, feel the same at home. Well to see the aura and the ability to empathize, and schizotypal emphasis in mind, when a person is sick, but can occasionally pogallyutsinirovat and prone to mild paranoia.

Info: Julia Evseeva

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