Scientists: Morgellons disease — not a myth

For a long time the disease Morgellons conventional medicine just close my eyes, considering it a myth or a raving lunatic. Morgellons disease is characterized by a strange unpleasant symptoms and so far its real causes are unknown. But now at least we know that it does exist.

One popular story goes that it all started after one day Mary Leitao got sores on the lip of a two year old son Drew strange fiber. In the future, the son began to complain of the emergence of multiple itchy sores on the body, from which it was possible to get some white, blue or black thread. Drew also mentioned that he felt a horrible feeling, as if under the skin crawling insects.

Mary was a lot of doctors, including pediatricians, allergists, dermatologists, not only did urologist. However, all the advice was not given even a hint of a diagnosis, let alone treatment. Mary realized that her son appeared some unknown medical condition. After another unsuccessful advice from infectious diseases Mary decided to look for information on the Internet and found that people like her son, thousands. All seek treatment for the disease, called Morgellons disease.

Characteristic, strange symptoms include intense itching sensation of crawling under the skin of some creatures of abscesses, of which there are many-colored fibers or filaments. Wound partially healed, leaving scars, but soon appear elsewhere.

For a long time the medical community did not recognize the syndrome. It was thought that such damage can be caused by the patients themselves, who suffer "delusional parasitosis" or "delusional infestation." In other words, I suspect that such people have a mental illness.

According to NaturalNews, after numerous complaints to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) decided to initiate a medical research. In January 2008, CDC scientists gave a grant of $ 300,000 to conduct a 3-year study of Morgellons disease. Then scientists mistakenly concluded that as such a disease or infectious lesion exists, and is recognized as a cause of delirium, it is a psychological disorder. , There was no evidence or other evidence of infectious, parasitic, or any other process.

However, the patients continued to complain, and their number increased. There is an assumption that Morgellons disease may be related to genetically modified organisms (GMOs), modified by microorganisms Agrobacterium. I also suspect Lyme disease, immunodeficiency or environmental toxicity (himtreylami).

Soil bacteria of the genus Agrobacterium are able to transform plant cells with a special plasmid. If you have seen growths on the trunk of the tree, it is-spreader galls (tumors) caused by Agrobacterium. Therefore, these bacteria are often used in genetic engineering to modify products and creating GMOs.

According to researchers at the State University of New York, Agrobacterium is a versatile machine for gene transfer and the creation of foreign proteins. Consequently, they can change and human DNA. Thus, Agrobacterium can potentially make horizontal DNA transfer and can be considered one of the probable causes of Morgellons disease. But it is also a theory.

And then, finally, a new independent study conducted in January 2012, sheds light on some of the details. As published in the "Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology," Morgelonov disease, in fact, is a real illness.

Based on extensive research, including mikrofluorestsentsiyu skin, hair, tissue, calluses and other material from the patients, the researchers reported some interesting facts.

• In patients with the disease Morgelonov anomalous functioning follicular keratinocytes. Fixed genetic mistakes in the DNA of cells of hair follicles and skin.
• The fibers in the wounds have a unique arrangement and contain keratin (a structural protein of the skin), which means that the fibers were created by the human body. Thanks imunnogistologicheskomu antibody staining, it became clear that the filaments are produced by keratinocytes patients.
• Changes in keratinocytes (skin), most likely caused by spirochetosis Lyme disease.

According to scientists, the fibers are clearly biological. They are not implanted into the skin. Perhaps their origins may be due to cross-contamination of human DNA from GMOs. This new research opens the door to the recognition of Morgellons disease problems and could spark further necessary studies epigenetic causes of the disease.

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