Scientists realized what happiness

Psychologists know the real "value" of things and experiences

Psychologists from Cornell University decided to find out, what people are most happy? To do this, they interviewed participants in the experiment, which they did in the shop recently and what feelings were associated with them. However, they could call and objects and events. It turned out that people do not please purchase and even gifts. With delight they recalled their feelings, their mood at the time of an event. For example, extremely happy people felt on dance courses, while traveling or at concerts, writes

In addition, volunteers were asked to describe their lives, including significant purchases, and participants again — most talked about events and experiences, rather than things purchased. Psychologists infer from this that the events have a stronger influence on personality than material achievements.

As psychologists explain this phenomenon? According to them, the joy of shopping is short-lived, as they are compared with other things and begin to want other things, while the memories eventually become only more beautiful.


Being happy is harmful

"There is no happiness in life" — this phrase at least once in his life gave all of us, regardless of age, profession, social status. So long intuition immediately able to confirm the skill of the three academic institutions: Yale University in the United States, the American University of Denver and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

According to the researchers, happiness, and even the desire for it can harm the human psyche, to poison life and even shorten its duration, according / ru. Their many years of research by hundreds of families from different countries showed that people who in childhood was described as happy and carefree, live on average less than their more sullen companions. Reason demise lucky — their willingness to take risks. The fact is, the scientists explain, overcrowding happiness intoxicate the mind, people are becoming more careless and prone to risk. And for the risk, as you know, follow and troubles that may affect shorten life.

Harmful, according to researchers, and books describing the happiness and how to achieve it. Readers will be chasing this state, repeatedly fail. From this they will feel much worse

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