Scientists: Volcano eruption in Kamchatka Kizimen can lead to natural disasters

The eruption of the volcano in Kamchatka Kizimen

Volcanic activity in Kamchatka Kizimen continues experts do not exclude natural disaster. On REGNUM correspondent reported in the press service of the Kronotsky reserve.

During the month, there was a giant in the field of inspection team reserve. "We seem to have got a few million years ago — the feeling that the planet has just been formed — circle all shaky, unstable — while spending the night in a tent, we often wake of earthquakes. At night we were able to observe the bright orange lava flows down the slope Kizima. Interestingly, the activity of the volcano is not always obvious. Sometimes during the day on it no clouds, and the next day we can clearly see a huge mushroom of steam and gas emissions, "- said the state inspector Peter Shpilenok.

Make accurate predictions of the behavior of scientists Kizimov Kamchatka Branch of the Geophysical Service RAS and Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, are not taken, but the possibility of a strong eruption in the near future is not excluded. "According to the seismic monitoring in mid-August in the north-eastern sector of the volcanic edifice Kizimen recorded intense swarm of earthquakes surface. Such swarm usually accompanies the promotion of hot magma intrusion or material to the surface, and usually results in a significant increase in volcanic activity. So there is reason to believe that in the coming months is likely violent eruption "- said the head of the laboratory of seismic and volcanic activity, Kamchatka Branch of the Geophysical Service RAS Sergey Senyukov.
According to the head of the Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response (KVERT) Institute of Volcanology and Seismology Olga Jilin devastating eruption, probably will not happen. "The satellite imagery continues to mark the big thermal anomaly, hence the outpouring of lava flow continues. Seismic activity of the volcano is gradually reduced, and the plumes in May of this year, replaced by Combined Cycle. Kizimen 10 months spewed huge amount of volcanic products (in the form of lava flows and pyroclastic ), that is, a bolt of energy that has accumulated over 80 years of rest, so the catastrophic explosion of a volcano in the near future it might be difficult, "- said Olga Kirin.

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