Secret Symbols of the spiral

December 15, 2011 20:08


English explorer P.Devero noticed that, in turn, UFOs often appear in areas with abnormal energy balance, ie, in places that the ancient priests and magicians called "places of power." Typically, in such places were built ancient sanctuaries, megalithic structures and the early Christian church. So, Stonehenge and the arch-shaped concentric rings, and Funny Lady Cornwall — arranged in a circle of monoliths, set especially in places considered sacred. Similar monuments can be found throughout the world.

Moreover, the alignment of stone monuments was made by ancient priests with great accuracy. It is no accident alone touch these stones is a powerful feeling, tingling fingers energy flow. The form of these energy flows emanating from the bowels of the Earth, is already known to us spiral symbol value of which was well known in antiquity.

Came to similar conclusions and researcher P.Ivanova "Surveyors conducted a series of complex experiments, and found that in places where there are these monuments, the flow of" energy of the earth "are twisted into a spiral. But even in samples of ancient stone carving, rock art and ritual paintings found in the same parts, you can find the same thing — a characteristic spiral pattern. It turns out that from ancient times the spiral was a common symbol of the place where the sacred earth energy not only has certain magical properties, but is most pronounced on the surface. "

Devereaux also notes that since the Paleolithic period, many of the monuments of ancient cultures of the spiral was a symbol of the connection of Heaven and Earth. Spiral emblem designated and some stars. All this suggests that the stone labyrinths and other megalithic structures antiquity, located in the "places of power", where energy flows manifest themselves in the form of a spiral, as are the "inputs" to the "lower" or "underground" space parallel Earth and a "higher" or "heaven" multidimensional space cosmos and the universe ("Stargate").

A similar opinion is shared by Carlos Castaneda: "He said that certain power spots are holes in this world. To be formless, it can pass through a hole into the unknown, into another world. That world and this one — where we live — are on two parallel lines. " ("The Gift of the Eagle").

It is with spiral-shaped flow of energy related properties like these places, with their purpose clearly depends on the upstream or downstream flows of energy associated with the torsion fields of the right and left rotation, which in essence are spiral.

Interesting point in this regard expresses G.Chernenko. Here's what he wrote:

"It is very characteristic feature of the anomalous zones — concentric circles and spirals of the chains of stones. Especially a lot of them in England. According to some researchers, the stone spiral posted ancestors British. But there is another explanation: the stones … you lined up in a spiral under the unusual gravitational forces!

The same phenomenon is observed in North America — the so-called Death Valley in California. There, at the bottom of a dried-up lake, and you can see the spiral chain of rocks that somehow overcame considerable distance, leaving traces of their movements. The stones are different from small to huge boulders weighing half a ton or more. " And to this must be quite a strong manifestation of torsion fields, which, in turn, cause the gravitational, electromagnetic, and other (including temporary) anomaly. These abnormalities and is characterized by the formation of "holes" in our space-time, which can be "inputs" to other dimensions and worlds.

But if in these "inputs" and "gate" the ancient priests and magicians could travel to other dimensions, it is possible to come to a conclusion and that the same spirit and beings from other worlds can invade our space-time.

All these data suggest that in our world there are visible and invisible beings and nature of the parallel worlds that come to us as a natural and artificially created through "windows" in our space-time.

In this regard, recall the experiments L.Bokkone Italian scientist, who with the help of special devices (sensors of alpha-, beta-and gamma-radiation, photometers, thermometers, chastotometry, magnetometers, etc.) were found and photographed in the sky with a standard, high-sensitivity panchromatic and infrared film invisible beings. Bocconi claims it — essential life forms got into our world from a parallel space. If the result of each nuclear explosion produces a gap in the other world, not only the inhabitants of our world can pass through it. Doing the same and the inhabitants of the parallel worlds, getting into our world.

Bocconi group led follow-up of three years, from 7 — 10 hours a night in a completely deserted area near Arenzano, high on a hill about 300 meters.

Conclusions of L.Bokkone following. In the invisible part of the spectrum recorded various education "live broadcast" of different density and shape. They may produce a transparent or opaque individually different shapes and sizes, spherical chechevitsepodobnye, cylindrical, irregular geometry and even in the form of human figures. These alone are able to connect to (increase), partial (reduced), changing at the same time or keeping the old form under different sizes. Sphere, for example, can connect with and become human-like figure or a sphere, or a human-like figure of a larger size.

L.Bokkone writes on this subject: "These essential life forms, these objects — the living entities and related phenomena, invisible, but real and captured on film, do not belong to our three-dimensional reality, a typical bandwidth of our visible spectrum. This biophysical manifestations, alien life forms to us, it certainly kvazichelovecheskie, luminous beings, antediluvian biological beings, light and dark, dense and transparent — plasma forms, energy transformation, melting clouds and fog, invisible, amorphous mass, have nothing to do with our physical reality.

These wandering lights, these energy phenomena, repeat, "invisible, but the physical" — imprinted on the film on the readings of instruments when they were over the study area, the sea, the shore or land, and when they moved to a large, small or very small height or to the soil itself, at small distances from us, and when slid with incredible speed on the hill or in the sky above the city, and when landing or taking off, and when swung over a large fire, turned into glowing plasma being followed as dolphins, for an airliner or hung at low altitude over a large industrial complex, over sea and air ports of cities. "

In many cases, a series of successive images were awarded various forms of transformation in these ethereal beings. For example, a "big ball of light with a luminous" fountain "at the top" and two luminous "hooks", arranged horizontally, was gradually transformed into a luminous "butterfly." In another case, domed plasmatic body released itself from blue ball smaller. The second case is very similar to some of the transformation of the "Energy UFO."

During abnormal reactions of animals (mostly dogs) on infrared images a amoeboid structure without some form, translucent "plasma drops", and winged creatures antediluvian appearance: "Griffin", "thunder-bird" or "grifozavry", for which the designation is adopted the term "neopterodaktili."

Different sizes ranged from ethereal beings size coins up to 500 meters in diameter, and their speed can be up to 1500 km / h. The existence of these creatures has also been found by experiments conducted by the Romanian engineer F.Georvitsa Dzh.Konsteblem and American scientists. Pictures of ethereal beings, able to make and Russian researchers. Thus, different researchers found that the existence of these creatures is an objective reality.

In this case, as you know, the possibility of essential life forms are justified Tsiolkovsky, who stated: "We are talking about being like people, only more sophisticated. In between there may be all kinds of breeds that are adapted to life on any planet, such as Earth. However, most of their monotonous and adapted to life in the air. "

Not by chance, Bocconi says: "The existence of these structures, consisting of matter in the most rarefied form … these life forms capable of altering its density and to move from one level of visibility to the other, from the regions of the spectrum, the perceived photographic film, to full physical density and visibility our eyes, their existence is not open today. It has been known since ancient times, when such life forms designated meaningful terms "Shining", "Dev", "Elemental Spirits" … Now it seems natural to link these objects — beings with ethereal creatures can fly, pass through the conversion of electrical and dispose of human life, as described in the legends and mythological traditions, dating back to the Neolithic, or from flying objects and creatures, skillfully depicted on the walls of the Franco-Spanish caves of the Paleolithic man. And do not be too bold to assume that the very branch of development, leading to the so ethereal forms of life on earth and goes back, perhaps, to the time when the Earth was more gaseous and plasmatic than solid. "

Expressed similar thoughts and Tsiolkovsky, who claimed that, before the matter was solid, there were more stages rarefied matter. It was then that could be ethereal beings created from these kinds of matter.

In known cases of radar observations of reflections from unknown purposes under a clear sky, which in Western literature called "Ange-ECHO" or "reflection from the angel." On these cases, also mentions the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences V.Psalomschikov, who, after 70 years of the twentieth century took part in experiments at the Radiophysics range Leningrad Hydrometeorological Institute, located in the Alazan Valley (Georgia).

Vasily Goc said on this occasion: "Parallel worlds can overlap with our space through cracks in it, which arise from human activity, in particular from the explosions, as well as earthquakes and landslides. If there is a crack in the space, it will siphon energy from all nearby with her: from the people from the animals, the plants. If there was a crack of parallel world to our space, creatures, plants and things show up in a parallel world in the form of our energy flow, acting on man as the excess energy and creating reasons we do not entirely deserved …

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